Season 1 Edit

Now is Not the End Edit

  • Spider Raymond - Shot by Demidov.
  • Coleen O'Brien - Shot by Demidov.

Bridge and Tunnel Edit

  • Gino DeLucia - Shot by Demidov.
  • Sasha Demidov - Killed when the milk truck he was on exploded.
  • Leet Brannis - Died after falling off of a cliff.

Time and Tide Edit

  • Ray Krzeminski - Shot by Dottie Underwood.
  • Jerome Zandow - Shot by Dottie Underwood.

The Iron Ceiling Edit

  • Anya - Neck broken by Underwood.
  • Junior Juniper - Shot by Eva.
  • Mike Li - Shot by Eva.
  • Doctor Nikola - Shot by Ivchenko.

A Sin to Err Edit

  • Pasha - Stabbed by Underwood.
  • Seth Honicky - Stabbed in the eye by Underwood with a dentist drill.
  • Agent Yauch - Forced to walk in front of a moving truck by Ivchenko.

Snafu Edit

  • Agent Corcoran - Shot by Underwood.
  • Roger Dooley - Killed in the explosion of the Stark Heat Vest he was wearing.

Valediction Edit

  • Officer Pike - Shot in the head by Underwood.

Season 2 Edit

The Lady in the Lake Edit

  • Jane Scott - Froze to death after touching Zero Matter.
  • Meltzer - Frozen by Zero Matter.
  • Andrew Henry - Shot by a cop.

A View in the Dark Edit

  • Major Beringer - Shot by an unknown person.
  • Agent White - Shot by an unknown person.

Better Angels Edit

  • Director Kenneth - Turned into Zero Matter when he touched Frost.

Smoke and Mirrors Edit

  • Michael Carter - Killed in WWII.
  • Rufus Hunt - Turned into Zero Matter by Frost.

Life of the Party Edit

  • Thomas Gloucester - Turned into Zero Matter by Frost.
  • Calvin Chadwick - Turned into Zero Matter by Frost.

A Little Song and Dance Edit

  • Vernon Masters - Possibly killed when the Zero Matter inside Wilkes exploded.

Hollywood Ending Edit

  • Jack Thompson - Shot by an unknown person and left to bleed to death in his hotel room.

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