This article is a list of deaths in the Alex Rider novel series.

Stormbreaker Edit

  • Ian Rider: Shot dead by Yassen Gregorovitch before the book itself
  • Unknown agent: Shot by Yassen after he drops a container
  • First motorcyclist: Electrocuted by high-voltage fence
  • Second motorcyclist: Falls off a cliff
  • Nadia Vole: Poisoned by Sayle's jellyfish.
  • Unknown number of jeeps: Crash into each other.
  • Mr Grin: Blinded by Alex's smokescreen, crashes his plane
  • Herod Sayle: Shot dead by Yassen

Stormbreaker (movie) Edit

  • Ian Rider: Shot dead by Yassen Gregorovitch
  • Nadia Vole: Poisoned by Sayle's jellyfish.
  • Herod Sayle: Shot dead by Yassen

Point Blank Edit

  • Michael Roscoe: Falls to his death.
  • General Viktor Ivanov: Mentioned that he is blown up in the Black Sea.
  • First snowmobile: Crashes into a pair of trees
  • Second snowmobile: Knocked out by Alex (death debatable)
  • Unknown number of guards: Killed in a firefight with SAS men
  • Mrs Eva Stellenbosch: Shot by Wolf, crashes into a window whereupon she falls to her demise
  • Dr Hugo Grief: Incinerated by a snowmobile that Alex Rider sets on a collision course with his chopper

Skeleton Key Edit

  • Marc, Carlo and pilot: Devoured by crocodiles.
  • Chinese triad: Knocked out by Alex (death debatable)
  • The 'Salesman' and 'Mayfair Lady' crew: Blown up by Conrad's bomb
  • Tom Turner and Belinda Troy: Killed by Sarov's traps
  • Boat driver: Impaled by knife in the back
  • Vladimir Sarov: Killed by a sniper in the Afghanistan conflict
  • George Prescott: Shot in the head by Conrad
  • Conrad: Stuck to a crane magnet, snapping his back
  • General Alexei Sarov: Shoots himself
  • Unknown number of Sarov's men: Killed in a firefight

Eagle Strike Edit

  • Target of SCORPIA: Shot dead.
  • Marc Antonio: Shot dead.
  • Charlie Roper: Crushed or suffocated by a downpour of coins.
  • Yassen Gregorovitch: Shot by Cray
  • Damien Cray: Falls off Air Force One and is sucked into a jet engine.
  • Henryk: Snaps his neck.


  • Max Grendel: Poisoned by scorpions.
  • Dr Harold Liebermann: Impaled by a sword that Nile throws
  • Football team: Killed by Invisible Sword demonstration
  • Unknown number of SCORPIA operatives: Killed during a firefight with SAS men.
  • Nile: Set aflame and falls to his demise
  • Julia Rothman: Crushed by the falling satellite
  • John and Helen Rider: Blown up by a bomb on their jet

Ark Angel Edit

  • Football player: Killed by Force Three
  • Force Three: Shot by Kaspar
  • Nikolei Drevin: Crashes his plane while trying to fly off
  • Kaspar: Impaled by a knife from behind

Snakehead Edit

  • Ministry of Defense guards: Killed by SCORPIA operatives
  • Sunthorn: Knocked out by Alex (death debatable)
  • Lieutenant Anan Sukit: Shot by Ben Daniels
  • Old man: Shot by Winston Yu
  • Captain Hermann de Wynter: Killed by Winston Yu
  • Bill Tanner: Commits suicide
  • Anthony Sean Howell: Shot by Ben Daniels
  • Major Winston Yu: Smashed apart by Royal Blue's shockwave

Crocodile Tears Edit

  • Nuclear technician: Vaporised by bomb
  • Scientist: Poisoned by plant from the Poison Dome
  • Harry Bulman: Shot by Desmond McCain
  • Myra Bennett: Impaled on the back with a knife, falls into a lake of crocodiles
  • Njenga and unknown number of accomplices: Drowned by a torrent of water
  • Rahim: Shot by Desmond McCain
  • Desmond McCain: Ignited by a leaking barrel of oil and Alex's explosive gel pen

SCORPIA Rising Edit

  • Levi Kroll: Shot dead by a sniper
  • Razim's family: Mentioned that Saddam Hussein killed them
  • Julius Grief decoy: Killed in a car explosion
  • Sniper and pilot: Crashes into the Thames
  • Weapons dealer: Shot by Erik Gunter
  • Unknown number of SCORPIA hitmen: Knocked out in a pursuit with Alex and Derek Smithers
  • Jack Starbright: Blown up by a bomb.
  • Erik Gunter: Stung by a scorpion, breaks his neck
  • CIA operative: Shot by Julius Grief
  • Julius Grief: Shot by Alex
  • Razim: Disintegrated by a pool of salt
  • Blake Lewinsky: Shot dead
  • Unknown number of SCORPIA operatives: Killed in a firefight
  • Yannis Ariston Xenopolos: Killed by cancer

Russian Roulette Edit

Note: The novel is largely a flashback of Yassen's life but also replicates Stormbreaker's epilogue. As such, Herod Sayle's demise will not be mentioned.

  • Yassen's parents and Leo: Killed by anthrax
  • Unknown number of villagers: Killed by attack helicopters
  • Grant: Shot by Julia Rothman
  • First target: Killed by SCORPIA agent
  • Second target: Killed by John Rider
  • Third target: Killed by SCORPIA agent
  • Vladimir Sharkovsky and his son: Shot by Yassen

Never say Die Edit

Updated soon!

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