Alias is a live-action television series about Sydney Bristow, a double agent for the CIA posing as an operative for SD-6, a worldwide criminal and espionage organization. It ran for five seasons between 2001 and 2006.

Main villains are listed in bold.

Season 1Edit

  1. Daniel Hecht - Shot by Martin Shepard, an SD-6 assassin
  2. Mokhtar - Shot by bodyguards in Morocoo
  3. Luc Jacqnoud - Blown up in his car with a miniature explosive by Marcus Dixon
  4. Agent Logan - Blown up in the destruction of a factory by Marcus Dixon
  5. Gareth Parkashoff - Mentioned to have been killed by Martin Shepard
  6. Agent Fisher - Throat slit by Dr. Kreshnik, an undercover K-Directorate agent
  7. Eloise Kurtz - Mentioned to have been shot by SD-6 hitmen during a staged mugging
  8. Giovanni Donato - Shot by a K-Directorate sniper
  9. Minos Sakkoulas - Blown up after Sydney Bristow creates some sparks that ignites the gasoline Minos is in
  10. Tchen - Shot by Endo, one of his cohorts
  11. Toni - Shot by McKenas Cole in a rage
  12. Chopper - Shot by Marcus Dixon while taking back SD-6
  13. Quan Li - Shot with a shotgun by Julian Sark
  14. Ilych Ivankov - Shot by Julian Sark's bodyguard during a meeting
  15. Jean Briault - Shot by Arvin Sloane to prove himself
  16. Kyle Wexler - His dead body is found in a freezer
  17. Bentley Calder - Stabbed by Noah Hicks, an SD-6 agent and secret assassin
  18. Noah Hicks - Stabbed by Sydney Bristow while fighting over the knife
  19. Steven Haladki - Shot in the head by Jack Bristow

Season 2Edit

  1. Alexander Khasinau - Shot by Irina Derevko for his failure
  2. Agent Cooper - Shot by Julian Sark
  3. Agent Novak - Shot by Julian Sark
  4. Neils Hader - Shot repeatedly with shotguns by Triad mercenaries and his body is destroyed with a grenade
  5. Saeed Akhtar - Shot in the back of the head by a Pakistani rebel
  6. Jonathan - Shot by Michael Vaughn to protect Sydney's cover
  7. Ariana Kane - Executed by SD-6 agents via lethal injection for treason
  8. Holden Gemler - Shot by Arvin Sloane to protect his secrets
  9. Gils Nacor - Sucked out of a plane and into the engine after Sydney Bristow shoots a hole in the plane
  10. Anthony Geiger - Shot by Sydney Bristow during the takedown of the Alliance
  11. Francie Calfo - Shot in the head by Allison Doren to assume her identity
  12. Emma Wallace - Blown up with C4 strapped to her by Enzo Markovic
  13. Enzo Markovic - Shot by James Lennox, a CIA agent he made himself look like
  14. Peter Kunz - Shot by Arvin Sloane during the bank robbery
  15. Schmidt - Shot in the head by Allison Doren to create a fall guy
  16. Ahmad Kabir - Shot by Michael Vaughn while rescuing Sydney
  17. Luri Karpachev - Killed after Julian Sark blows out the cables for the elevator he's in
  18. Ilya Stuka - Throat slashed by Irina Derevko
  19. Emily Sloane - Accidentally shot by Marcus Dixon while aiming at Arvin
  20. Diane Dixon - Blown up with a car bomb by Allison Doren as revenge for Emily
  21. Proteo Regno - Stabbed and has his heart cut out by Emilio Vargas

Season 3Edit

  1. Scott Kingsley - Stabbed multiple times by Gordei Volkov
  2. Gordei Volkov - Stabbed by Sydney Bristow while struggling over the knife
  3. Peter Klein - Decapitated by Oleg Madrczyk to send a message to the CIA
  4. Oleg Madrczyk - Shot by Sydney Bristow
  5. Boris Oransky - Blown up after Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn sabotage the generator powering the bunker he is in, destroying the bunker
  6. Laszlo Bogdan - Mentioned to have died after being infected with a modified strain of Ebola
  7. Simon Walker - Shot by Jack Bristow for insulting Sydney
  8. Heinrich Strauss - Shot with a sniper rifle by Allison Doren
  9. Robert Lange - Killed by Allison Doren, might have bled to death after Allison pulled his tooth out
  10. Javier Parez - Hanged in a staged suicide by Jack Bristow
  11. Dr. Vasson - Scalpel thrown into his neck by Sydney Bristow
  12. Schapker - Shot by Lauren Reed
  13. Dr. Brezzel - Injected with a morphine overdose by Julian Sark
  14. Allison Doren - Stabbed by Will Tippin while sturggling over the knife
  15. Robert Lindsey - Shot with a sniper rifle by Sloane's sniper
  16. Andrian Lazarey - Shot with a sniper rifle by Lauren Reed
  17. Johannes Gathrid - Stabbed by Lauren Reed
  18. Luke - Stabbed in the back of the neck by Julian Sark
  19. Senator George Reed - Shot in the head by Olivia Reed to create a patsy for Lauren
  20. Cypher - Shot in the throat by Lauren Reed
  21. Dr. Viadro - Shot by Michael Vaughn
  22. Kazari Bomani - Shot by Julian Sark to protect Lauren
  23. Conrad - Shot with a shotgun by Julian Sark
  24. Lauren Reed - Shot several times by Michael Vaughn and falls down a mine shaft

Season 4Edit

  1. Kazu Tamazaki - Stabbed by Sydney Bristow during a sword fight
  2. Martin Bishop - Shot by Nadia Santos
  3. Derek Modell - Shot in the head by a thug, causing his body to shatter after being infected by Ice
  4. Yegor - Crystallized after being infected by Ice
  5. Meghan Keene - Stabbed with an injection of Ice by Fenton Keene, causing her to crystallize
  6. Raisa Tupakov - Shot by Sydney Bristow
  7. Nicolai Brechev - Run over by Sydney Bristow
  8. Yuri Korelka - Slashed to death with a fireplace poker by Sydney Bristow
  9. Nancy Cahill - Shoots herself in the head to avoid going crazy
  10. Jason Cahill - Shot by Jack Bristow to save Sydney
  11. Anatoly Grodsky - Shot by a Russian soldier while arresting him
  12. Boris Tambor - Shot by Leo Orissa and Bridget after they betray him
  13. Leo Orissa - Shot in the head by Bridget after he betrays her
  14. Bridget - Shot by Sydney Bristow
  15. Vorich - Garrotted by Anna Espinosa
  16. Turner - Stabbed by Nadia Santos while fighting over the knife
  17. Ushek San'ko - Shot in the neck by Anna Espinosa
  18. Miles Devereaux - Shot by Nadia Santos to save Jack
  19. Thomas Connelly - Shot in the eye by Korjev's hitman
  20. Sasha Korjev - Garrotted to death by Jack Bristow during a hit
  21. Alex Rucker - Shot in the head by Ulrich Kottor
  22. Ulrich Kottor - Accidentally shot by Marshall Flinkman
  23. Josef Vlachko - Shot in the head by Jack Bristow to prevent his escape
  24. Gregor - Shot by Marcus Dixon
  25. Jan - Shot by an APO agent
  26. Sabina - Shot by Marcus Dixon
  27. Roberts - Killed after Ned Bolger blows out the cables holding the elevator he is in
  28. Carter - Beaten to death with a crowbar by Arvin Sloane
  29. Aleksander Petrovich - Shot by Marcus Dixon after his cover is blown
  30. Milos Kradic - Shot by Marcus Dixon after his cover is blown
  31. CBG - Throat slit by Elena Derevko
  32. Father Kampinski - Shot in the face with a shotgun by Ned Bolger
  33. Lazlo Drake - Mentioned to have been killed by Elena Derevko
  34. Brodien - Stabbed with a metal pole by a Russian infected by the anger-inducing drug
  35. Elena Derevko - Shot in the head by Irina Derevko after outliving her usefulness

Season 5Edit

  1. James Lehman - Shot by Gordon Dean and his henchman
  2. Heinrich Roemer - Shot by Ivan Curtis
  3. Ivan Curtis - Jumps out of a plane rather than be arrested by the CIA
  4. Gordon Dean - Forced to swallow a cyanide pill by Arvin Sloane
  5. Lukas Basarov - Shot off-screen by Benjamin Masari and his bodyguards (the shots are heard)
  6. Aldo Desantis - Shot in the head by Renee Rienne
  7. Jeffrey Davenport - Shot by Irina Derevko to prevent his questioning
  8. Parker - Shot by Irina Derevko
  9. Nadia Santos - Impaled in the throat by a shard of glass after being pushed into a table by Arvin Sloane and she bleeds out
  10. Renee Riennes - Throat slit by Anna Espinosa
  11. Nabin - Stabbed in the back of the neck by Anna Espinosa
  12. Fake Nabin - Accidentally shot by Anna's accomplice and is killed in the resulting car crash
  13. Anna Espinosa - Shot twice then again through the back of the head by Sydney Bristow
  14. Allen Korman - Blown up with a car bomb by Thomas Grace
  15. Thomas Grace - Blown up in the destruction of APO headquarters caused by Julian Sark
  16. Jack Bristow - Blows himself up with a bomb belt to prevent Arvin Sloane gaining immortality
  17. Irina Derevko - Kicked onto a glass skylight by Sydney Bristow that eventually shatters under her weight, sending her falling to her death

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