The Alien franchise concerns a story in which humans wage war against a race of extraterrestrial creatures.

This article contains a list of victims in the Alien and AVP movies.

Prometheus Edit

  • An Engineer drinks a dark liquid, causing him to disintegrate and falls into a waterfall
  • A dead guy seen in a coffin
  • A decapitated Engineer shown
  • At least 22 dead Engineers shown
  • A snake-like creature breaks Millburns' arm and then penetrates into his mouth, killing him
  • Vickers euthanises Holloway with a flamethrower
  • Mutated Fifield kills 4 crew members with his bare hands
  • Mutated Fifield impales a crew member with a ice pick
  • Janek burns Mutated Fifield
  • The last Engineer beats Weyland to death with David's head
  • The last Engineer throws 2 crew members against walls, killing them
  • Janek, Chance and Ravel rams Prometheus into the Engineer craft, killing themselves (shared)
  • The Engineer's disabled spacecraft crashes onto the ground; crushing Vickers
  • An alien creature bursts out of the Engineer's chest

Alien Covenant Edit

  • Cpt. Jake Branson: Incinerated along with 47 civilians
  • Ledward: Host for first Neomorph
  • Karine Oram: Mutilated by first Neomorph
  • Faris: Incinerated by friendly fire in an attempt to kill first Neomorph
  • Hallett: Host for second Neomorph
  • Ankor: Killed by Neomorph
  • First Neomorph: Shot dead
  • City inhabitants and Juggernaut crew: Infected with weaponised Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15
  • Rosenthal: Decapitated by second Neomorph
  • Second Neomorph: Shot dead
  • First Officer Chris Oram: Host for first Xenomorph
  • Cole: Killed by first Xenomorph
  • Elizabeth Shaw: Killed by David
  • First Xenomorph: Crushed in a remote crane
  • Lope: Host for second Xenomorph
  • Ricks: Headbitten by second Xenomorph
  • Upworth: Killed by second Xenomorph
  • Walter: Destroyed by David
  • Facehuggers: Die after implanting embryos
  • Second Xenomorph: Impaled on spikes, sucked into space

Alien: Awakening Edit

To be confirmed

Alien Edit

  • The Pilot: Killed offscreen before the movie itself. Chest exploded from some unknown creature.
  • Facehugger: Dies after implanting the Chestburster into Kane.
  • Executive Officer Gilbert Kane: Killed by Chestburster emergence from his stomach.
  • Engineer Samuel Brett: Head smashed open by the Alien's headbite
  • Captain Arthur Dallas: Killed off-screen by the Alien
  • Ash: Decapitated by Lambert and Parker; incinerated by Parker
  • Engineer Dennis Parker: Pinned to a wall; killed with a headbite.
  • Navigator Joan Lambert: Impaled by the Alien.
  • Nomostro Drone: Killed by Ellen Ripley who fires a harpoon at it and then blasts it into outer space.

Director's cut Edit

  • Dallas is incinerated by Ripley in this version

Between Alien and Aliens Edit

  • Amanda Ripley: Mentioned by Carter Burke that she passed away

Aliens Edit

  • Anne Jorden: Killed by a Warrior
  • Timmy Jorden: Sprayed with acid blood
  • Russ Jorden: Killed by the Chest burster
  • Brad Lydecker: Killed by a Warrior
  • Al Simpson: Euthanised by Brackett
  • Mary: Killed by the Chest burster
  • Chest burster: Incinerated
  • Corporal Cynthia Dietrich: Killed by the Chest burster or from the exploding Atmosphere Processing Plant's reactor.
  • Private Tim Crowe: Hurled into a wall by exploding ammunition; snaps his neck.
  • Private Trevor Wierzbowski: Debatable: body not found, possibly missing in action.
  • Private First Class Ricco Frost: Ignited by Dietrich's flamethrower, falls over a railing and to his demise
  • Private First Class William Hudson: Killed by the Chest burster
  • Sergeant Al Apone: Killed by the Chest burster or from the exploding Atmosphere Processing Plant's reactor.
  • Private First Class Mark Drake: Sprayed with acid blood
  • Corporal Colette Ferro: Mauled by a Warrior that snuck aboard the Bug Stomper.
  • Private First Class Daniel Spunkmeyer: Killed either by a Warrior or the Bug Stomper's crash
  • Lieutenant Scott Gorman and Private First Class Jenette Vasquez: Suicide with a grenade.
  • Carter Burke: Killed by the Chest burster or from the exploding Atmosphere Processing Plant's reactor.
  • First Acheron Queen: Knocked into Space by Ellen Ripley.

Note: An unknown number of Warriors were killed during the entire movie.

Alien 3 Edit

Theater cut Edit

  • Newt: Drowned when the EEV crash-lands
  • Turk (believed to be Hicks): Impaled by a metallic bar when the EEV crash-lands
  • Spike: Chest bursted
  • Thomas Murphy: Blinded by acid from the Dragon; falls into a ventilation shaft that minces him.
  • Daniel Rains: Head smashed open by the Dragon's headbite
  • Edward Boggs: Head smashed by the Dragon's headbite
  • Jonathan Clemens: Head smashed by the Dragon's headbite
  • Walter Golic: Incinerated by quinitricetyline in a botched attempt to kill the Dragon
  • Harold Andrews: Head smashed by the Dragon's headbite
  • Carl "Frank" Ellis: Head smashed by the Dragon's headbite
  • Mark Vincent: Killed offscreen
  • David Postlethwaite: Head smashed by the Dragon's headbite
  • Yoshi Troy: Ambushed and killed by the Dragon
  • Kevin Dodd: Neck punctured by the Dragon's headbite, bleeds to death
  • Eric Buggy: Killed by the Dragon
  • Alan Jude: The Dragon lunges at him and tears him apart
  • Clive William: Killed by the Dragon
  • Peter Gregor: Head smashed by the Dragon's headbite
  • Leonard Dillon: Ripped apart by the Dragon
  • Bishop: Deactivated and euthanised by Ripley
  • The Dragon: Drowned under molten iron, survives but is blown apart by Ripley who showers it with freezing water
  • Aaron: Shot dead
  • Ellen Ripley: Commits suicide by falling into the furnace*
  • Chestburster Queen: Killed with Ripley*

*Asterisk indicates victim was later resurrected.

Assembly cut Edit

The assembly cut is almost exactly the same as the theatrical version but there are 3 additional victims.

  • Spike is absent, but the Dragon uses Babe as a host instead.
  • Ted "Junior" Gillas: Ripped apart by the Dragon
  • Walter Golic: Killed by the Dragon

Alien Resurrection Edit

  • Christie shoots 6 soldiers
  • Johner shoots 1 soldier
  • An alien kills another alien
  • The aliens kill a soldier with the nitroglycerine trap (the one used to 'teach' aliens to do things)
  • An alien kills 2 soldiers
  • Perez blows an alien up
  • An alien kills Perez
  • Vriess kills an alien
  • An alien kills Elgyn
  • Ripley shoots an alien
  • Six dead, failed clones of ripley seen (counting these as humans because they're essentially deformed humans)
  • Ripley burns Ripley 7 with a flamethrower
  • 5 chestbursted bodies seen
  • Hillard by Aliens
  • Christie kills 6 facehuggers
  • Johner blowns an alien up
  • Ripley kills a facehugger
  • Johner shoots an alien
  • Misc: Johner kills a spider with his thermos gun
  • Christie kills himself by letting himself drown
  • Purvis kills Wren by forcing his head onto the chestburster (it bursts through his head)
  • Call kills Purvis's chestburster
  • Call, Johner, and Distephano shoot Purvis (who's still alive) at the same time, so they all get the point
  • The Newborn rips off part of the Queen's head.
  • The Newborn crushes Gediman's head.
  • 2 dead people seen cocooned in the hive.
  • The Newborn crushes Distephano's head.
  • Ripley kills the Newborn by forcing it into space
  • Call detonates the ship, killing an alien

Alien vs Predator Edit

  • A Predator slices 1 mercenary off-screen
  • A Predator throws 1 mercenary against a table, killing him
  • A Predator impales 1 mercenary with his claws
  • A Predator impales 1 mercenary with a spear
  • A Predator executes 1 mercenary
  • 6 people are killed by chestbursters
  • A Predator hangs 1 mercenary
  • A Predator kills 1 mercenary with a spear
  • A Predator shoots a net at Stafford and finishes him with a spear
  • An alien impales 1 Predator with its tail
  • This alien kills also the other Predator
  • Weyland is killed by a Predator
  • The Predator decapitates 1 alien
  • A woman is killed by a chestburster
  • A Predator kills 1 alien
  • The Predators shoot 21 aliens
  • A Predator activates his self-destruct weapons, killing himself, 2 other Predators and at least 878 aliens
  • Alexa kills 1 alien with a spear
  • The Predator shoots 2 aliens
  • 2 guys are found dead, killed by chestbursters
  • Alexa euthanises Sebastian
  • The Predator weapon blows up 5 aliens
  • 1 alien is headshot by Alexa

AVP: Requiem Edit

  • Scar seen dead
  • 3 Predators by Predalien
  • Facehugger by Buddy Benson
  • Buddy and son chestbursted
  • Homeless woman killed by Predalien
  • Deputy Ray by Predator
  • 1 dead bum seen
  • 2 aliens by Predator
  • Ritchie by Predalien
  • Nathan by alien
  • Mark by alien
  • Nick by alien
  • Tim by alien
  • Alien by Predator
  • Carrie chestbursted
  • Man decapitated by Predator
  • 4 National Guardsmen by aliens
  • 4 aliens by National Guard
  • Lieutenant Wood by alien
  • Nurse by Predalien
  • 4 aliens by Predator
  • 2 people by Predator
  • Dale by Predator
  • 1 dead woman seen
  • 1 pregnant woman chestbursted
  • Dr. Lennon killed by Predalien
  • 2 dead aliens seen, implied to have been killed by Predator
  • 3 bodybags seen
  • 2 corpses seen
  • 1 corpse seen
  • Drew by alien
  • Alien by Kelly
  • 6 aliens by predator
  • Jesse by predator
  • 1 alien by Eddie
  • 4 aliens by Kelly
  • 6 aliens by Dallas
  • 1 alien by Predator
  • 2 aliens by Ricky
  • 41 people by nuke (seen right before nuke goes off)
  • Sheriff Morales by nuke
  • Predalien by nuke
  • Predator by nuke

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