Before the Events of Arrow Edit

  • Michael Staton - Killed by Nick Salvati.
  • Rebecca Merlyn - Shot by Brick.
  • Kendric Weller - Shot by Malcolm, thinking he killed Rebecca.
  • Chris Mancini - Killed by Isaac Stanzler to frame Ted Grant.
  • Henry Goodwin - Pushed into a vat of concrete by Robert.
  • Gus - Shot by Robert.
  • Robert Queen - Shot himself so that Oliver could survive.
  • Billy Wintergreen - Stabbed in the eye by Slade
  • Yao Fei Gulong - Shot in the head by Fyers.
  • Alan Durand - Neck broken by Shado.
  • Edward Fyers - Shot by Oliver.
  • The Captain - Shot by Ivo after failing to capture Oliver.
  • Shado Gulong - Shot in the head by Ivo.
  • The Butcher - Head crushed by Slade.
  • Anthony Ivo - Shot by Oliver.
  • Jordan Kern - Neck broken by Oliver.
  • Akio Yamashiro - Infected by the Omega virus, and killed.
  • Matthew Shrieve - Shot by Maseo.
  • Vlad Venediktov - Neck broken by Oliver.
  • Conklin - Stabbed by Oliver, and the primordial energies later took his form.
  • Baron Reiter - Stabbed in the back by Oliver after Taiana drained him of his power.
  • Taiana Venediktov - Neck broken by Oliver.
  • Misha Yurievich - Beaten to death by Oliver.
  • Hideo Yamane - Shot by Oliver.
  • Ishmael Gregor - Stabbed by Oliver.
  • Galina Venediktov - Killed offscreen by Kovar.
  • Viktor - Killed in Kovar's sarin gas attack.
  • Konstantin Kovar - Neck broken by Oliver.
  • Xien Ming/Darryl - Throat slit by Slade.

Season 1 Edit

Pilot Edit

  • Constantine Drakon - Stabbed with a flechette by the Hood.

Honor Thy Father Edit

  • Victor Nocenti - Throat slit by Martin Somers' men.

Lone Gunmen Edit

  • James Holder - Shot by Deadshot with a curare-laced bullet.

An Innocent Man Edit

  • Camille Declan - Murdered by Jason Brodeur's bodyguard.

Damaged Edit

  • Leo Mueller - Shot by the Hood.
  • Josiah Hudson - Killed in a car accident caused by Merlyn.

Legacies Edit

  • Derek Reston/King - Sacrificed himself to save his son from a security guard's bullet.

Muse of Fire Edit

  • Paul Copani - Shot in the chest by Helena.
  • Nick Salvati - Neck broken by Helena.

Vendetta Edit

  • Zhishan - Shot by Helena.

Year's End Edit

  • Adam Hunt - Shot by Dark Archer.
  • Nelson Ravich - Shot by Dark Archer.

Burned Edit

  • Danny de la Vega - Lit on fire by Firefly and burned to death.
  • Garfield Lynns/Firefly - Lit himself on fire.

Trust But Verify Edit

  • Blake - Died from blood loss after being shot by the Hood
  • Cavanaugh - Shot by Diggle with a grenade launcher.
  • Paul Knox - Neck broken by the Hood.
  • Ted Gaynor - Shot in the heart by the Hood.

Betrayal Edit

  • George Wolfman - Stabbed by Cyrus Vanch.

The Dodger Edit

  • Cass Derenick - Shot by the Dodger.

Dead to Rights Edit

  • Guillermo Barrera - Stabbed by the Hood.

The Huntress Returns Edit

  • Gus Sabatoni - Shot by Huntress.

Salvation Edit

  • John Nickel - Shot by the Savior.
  • Gavin Carnahan - Shot by the Savior.
  • Joseph Falk/The Savior - Shot by the Hood.
  • Frank Chen - Shot by the Dark Archer.

Unfinished Business Edit

  • Veronica Sparks - Hit by a car while on Vertigo.
  • Doctor Webb - Shot in the heart by the Hood.

Home Invasion Edit

  • Edward Moore - Shot by Blank.
  • Nancy Moore - Shot by Blank.
  • Edward Rasmus - Suffocated to death after Blank stabbed him in the arm.
  • Mr. Robbins - Shot by Blank.
  • Mr. Blank - Stabbed by Oliver.

Darkness on the Edge of Town Edit

  • Brian Markov - Shot by Malcolm.

Sacrifice Edit

  • Tommy Merlyn - Killed in the earthquake caused by his father, Malcolm.

Season 2 Edit

City of Heroes Edit

  • Mayor Altman - Shot by the Hoods.

Broken Dolls Edit

  • Barton Mathis/The Dollmaker - Stabbed by the Canary.

Crucible Edit

  • Xavier Reed/The Mayor - Injected with Mirakuru by Brother Blood, killing him.

League of Assassins Edit

  • Al-Owal - Neck broken by Sara.

State vs. Queen Edit

  • Cecil Adams/Count Vertigo - Shot by Arrow.

Three Ghosts Edit

  • Lucas Hilton - Forced to shoot himself in the head by Gold.
  • Cyrus Gold/The Acolyte - Toxic chemicals splashed on his face after Oliver shot and destroyed a vat of chemicals.

Blind Spot Edit

  • Maya Resik - Killed by Brother Blood.
  • Officer Daily - Shot by Laurel, thinking he was Brother Blood.

Tremors Edit

  • Bo Travis - Died of blood loss after removing Bronze Tiger's claws from under his skin.

Time of Death Edit

  • Eddie Walczak - Shot by Clock King.

Suicide Squad Edit

  • Mark Scheffer/Shrapnel - Head blown up by Waller when he tried to escape.
  • Alexi Leonov - Stabbed in the eye by Slade.
  • Gholem Qadir - Stabbed in the back by Bronze Tiger.

Birds of Prey Edit

  • Frank Bertinelli - Shot by a SWAT officer trying to kill the vigilantes.

Seeing Red Edit

  • Moira Queen - Stabbed by Slade.

City of Blood Edit

  • Officer Kelton - Neck broken by one of Slade's soldiers.

Streets of Fire Edit

  • Kate Spencer - Neck broken by one of Slade's soldiers.
  • Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood - Stabbed by Ravager.

Unthinkable Edit

  • Isabel Rochev/Ravager - Neck broken by Nyssa.

Season 3 Edit

The Calm Edit

  • Sara Lance/The Canary - Shot by Thea, drugged by Malcolm Merlyn

Sara Edit

  • Erlich Kelso - Shot in the heart by Komodo.
  • Tim Kaufman - Shot by Komodo.

Guilty Edit

  • Isaac Stanzler - Shot by Cupid.

Draw Back Your Bow Edit

  • Kirby Bates - Stabbed by Cupid.

Left Behind Edit

  • Jose Anton - Beaten to death by Brick.

Midnight City Edit

  • Richard Ford - Shot by Brick.

Canaries Edit

  • Anthony Walker - Blew himself up in an attempt to kill Arrow.
  • Chase - Drank cyanide.

Suicidal Tendencies Edit

  • Floyd Lawton/Deadshot - Killed when the building he was on exploded.

This Is Your Sword Edit

  • Maseo Yamashiro/Scarab - Stabbed by Katana.

My Name Is Oliver Queen Edit

  • Ra's al Ghul - Stabbed through the heart by Oliver.

Season 4 Edit

Restoration Edit

  • Mina Fayad - Had a card thrown through her by Darhk.

A.W.O.L. Edit

  • Alan Chang - Tortured and killed by Shadowspire.
  • Amanda Waller - Shot in the head by Joyner.

Broken Hearts Edit

  • Shannon Groff, Blaine Groff, Allison Lee, Robert Joyce - Shot by Cupid.

Eleven-Fifty-Nine Edit

  • Laurel Lance/Black Canary - Stabbed by Darhk.

Genesis Edit

  • Milo Armitage - Tried to shoot Darhk, who deflected it into Armitage's forehead.
  • Phaedra Nixon - Neck broken by Darhk.

Monument Point Edit

  • Alex Davis - Electrocuted by Machin.

Lost in the Flood Edit

  • Ruve Adams - Stabbed by Machin, and later died in the destruction of Tevat Noah.

Schism Edit

  • Cooper Seldon/Brother Eye - Had a bullet driven into his spine by Darhk when he betrayed him.
  • Damien Darhk - Stabbed in the heart by the Green Arrow.

Season 5 Edit

Legacy Edit

  • Pino Bertinelli - Shot by one of his thugs working for Church.
  • Sam Conahan - Killed by Prometheus with a ninja star.

The RecruitsEdit

  • Private Collins - Shot by Walker.

Human Target Edit

  • Scimitar - Shot by Chance.
  • Tobias Church/Charon - Killed by Prometheus with a throwing star.

So It Begins Edit

  • Peter Meld - Killed by Prometheus with a throwing star.
  • Gay Eked - Killed by Prometheus with a throwing star.

What We Leave Behind Edit

  • Justin Claybourne - Shot in the heart by the Hood.
  • Billy Malone - Shot by Oliver thinking he was Prometheus.

Second Chances Edit

  • Sean Sonus - Shot by Tina.

Spectre of the Gun Edit

  • Laura Ramirez - Shot by her drug dealer when Rene tried to kill him.

Checkmate Edit

  • Doris Chase - Stabbed by her husband Adrian.

Lian Yu Edit

  • Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer - Blew himself up with the land mine to kill Harkness.
  • Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang - Blown up by the land mine.
  • Adrian Chase/Prometheus - Shot himself in the head, triggering Lian Yu to explode.

Season 6Edit


  • Samantha Clayton - Dies from injuries as a result from the explosion of Lian Yu caused by Prometheus.


  • Alec Tarkov - Shot through the back of the chest by Anatoly Knyazev


  • Jackson Klimavich - Killed off-screen by Black Siren, presumably by the Canary Cry.
  • Jenny - Killed off-screen by Black Siren, presumably by the Canary Cry.

Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2Edit

  • Tommy Merlyn/Prometheus - Earth-X - Commits suicide by swallowing a cyanide pill.


  • Jerry Bertinelli - Shot in the back of the head by Ricardo Diaz.

We FallEdit

  • Councilman Grovner - Car accident caused by Cayden James hacking his vehicle.
  • Frank Pike - Electrocution via conduction when he touches another civilian being electrocuted by a malfunctioning elevator panel caused by Cayden James.
  • Boots - Shot by Vincent Sobel/Vigilante.

All For NothingEdit

  • Vincent Sobel/Vigilante - Killed by Black Siren using her supersonic scream directly in his ear.

The Devil's Greatest Trick Edit

  • Owen Post - Shot in the chest with an arrow by Karl Iscove.
  • Karl Iscove - Killed off-screen (likely by Ricardo Diaz.)
  • Cayden James - Stabbed in the neck by Ricardo Diaz.