The BIONICLE series focused on the battles between good and evil. In all the battles, some characters were died in the conflicts as they are killed by each other and sacrificed their lives in the time of dangers. Therefore, the series was very brutal, violent and dark.


  • Ihu- Fell to his death when the swarm of Nui-Rama destroyed the bridge of the Chute.
  • "Tyrant"- Fell into the Silver Sea.
  • Kojol- Killed by the Protosteel-eating Virus.
  • Naho - Killed by "Eliminator".


  • The unnamed Ta-Matoran- Killed by Muaka.
  • The unnamed Ga-Matoran villager 1- Killed by Tarakava.
  • The unnamed Ga-Matoran villager 2- Killed by Tarakava.


  • Member of the Ta-Koro Guard 1- Killed by Panrahk.
  • Member of the Ta-Koro Guard 2- Killed by Guurahk.


  • Nivawk- Absorbed by Teridax.
  • Nidhiki- Absorbed by Teridax.
  • Kreeka- Absorbed by Teridax.
  • Lhikan (Turaga)- Sacrificed himself 


  • Sidorak- Killed by Keetongu.



  • A blue Hydruka- Eaten by Takea/Ray Hybrid.
  • Reysa- Eaten by the Pit War Tortoise
  • The unnamed Mahru Nui Ta-Matoran- 
  • Gadunka- Eaten by the Ancient Sea Behemoth.
  • Ehlek- Stabbed by Pridak on the face. Later revived as the Shadow Revenant.
  • Nocturn- Killed by Pridak.
  • Carapar- Sacrificed himself by being destroyed by the Kanohi Ignika's blast. Later revived as the Shadow Revenant.
  • Takadox- Slashed open on the body and crushed on the chest by Pridak. Later revived by Teridax.
  • Toa Matoro- Sacrificed himself by using the Kanohi Ignika to save Mata Nui's life.


  • Botar- Killed by Icarax.
  • Makuta of Stelt- Absorbed and killed by Miserix.
  • Tridax- Killed by Trinuma and Tobduk.
  • "Ancient"- Disintegrated by the Shadowed One's eye-beam.
  • Krika- Dismembered by Gorast via shooting and fell to his death.
  • Vamprah- Destroyed by Toa Ignika.
  • Chirox- Destroyed by Toa Ignika via being used as shield by Bitil. Later revived as the Shadow Revenant.
  • Bitil- Destroyed by Toa Ignika. Later revived as the Shadow Revenant.
  • Gorast- Stabbed by her own Shadow Blade by Toa Ignika. Later revived as the Shadow Revenant.
  • Pridak-  Shot on his chest by Icarax's Shadow Blast. Later revived as the Shadow Revenant.
  • Icarax- Destroyed from within his body by Toa Ignika.
  • Toa Ignika- Sacrificed himself to reawaken Mata Nui.
  • Mutran- Killed in the Energy Storm.
  • Antroz- Killed in the Energy Storm.


  • "Guardian"- Engulfed into the ground by Teridax.


  • Tuma-Defeated by Tahu and Gresh.


  • Lord of the Skull Spiders- Fell to its death from the collapsing edge.
  • Carapar (Shadow Revenant)- Stabbed by Takadox in the act of mercy kill.


  • Gorast (Shadow Revenant)- Torn apart by Umarak.
  • Pridak (Shadow Revenant)- Devoured by Umarak.
  • Umarak- Sucked into the portal of the Shadow Realm.
  • The Elemental Beasts- Killed in the volcano eruption.
  • Chirox (Shadow Revenant)- Blasted into pieces by Teridax.
  • Bitil (Shadow Revenant)- Turned into stone and eaten by Teridax.
  • Teridax- Stabbed on the core by Tahu and disappeared into the light.

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