• KillRoy231

    Well, if all those mooks and red shirts have names now, then obviously they have to stay up there. But as it's a little hard to pick out the more major characters who stand out more, I decided to do this blog. (besides, whoever wrote that might have rearranged some of the names slightly)

    As this is not the official page, I can allow myself to be a little less professional with the way some of these are worded, particularly Dooku and Veers.

    Spoiler alert: Includes The Force Awakens

    • Captain - Blown up inside her ship by a laser turret of the control ship by Nute Gunray, or else on his orders
    • Opee Sea Killer - Torn in half and eaten by the Sando Aqua Monster
    • Colo Claw Fish - Eaten by the Sando Aqua Monster
    • Ratts Tyerell - Crashed his podracer into …

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