The following is a list of characters killed by Buffy Summers, the main character of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is the Slayer, whose job it is to kill evil demons and vampires. Occasionally there comes a superpowered human that she has to kill, such as Caleb. In addition to the names listed below, she kills many unnamed vampires and demons.

  1. Thomas - Stabbed with stake
  2. Luke - Stabbed in the back with a stake
  3. Claw - Stabbed with a piece of a fence
  4. Natalie French - Hacked to death with a machete
  5. Andrew Borba - Incinerated in a furnace
  6. Doctor Weirick - Thrown into a pit of hyenas, who eat him
  7. Moloch - Tricked into punching a console, electrocuting him
  8. The Master - Thrown through a ceiling window and impaled on a broken piece of wood
  9. Absalom - Incinerated with a torch
  10. Machida - Killed when she cut off his tail
  11. Billy Ford (vampire) - Stabbed with stake
  12. Octarus - Kicked in the throat with skates, slitting his throat
  13. Ted Buchanan - Beaten to death with a frying pan
  14. Mother Bezoar - Hacked to death from the inside with a pickaxe
  15. The Judge - Blown to pieces with a rocket launcher. (debatable, as he survived dismemberment once)
  16. Der Kindestod - Neck snapped
  17. Ken - Bludgeoned with mace
  18. Ovu Mobani - Stabbed in the eyes with a shovel
  19. Candy Gorch - Stabbed with a spatula
  20. Lurconis - Incinerated with a flamethrower
  21. Lagos - Decapitated
  22. Gwendolyn Post - Arm cut off with a piece of glass, causing the power of her glove to go out of control and destroy her
  23. Demon (Gingerbread) - Stabbed in the throat with a long stake
  24. Zachary Kralik - Tricked into drinking holy water
  25. Balthazar - Electrocuted by her sending an electric wire into his bathtub
  26. Alfonse - Stabbed with pool cue
  27. Eddie (Vampire) - Stabbed with stake
  28. Sunday - Stake thrown at her
  29. Gachnar - Stomped on
  30. Hus - Stabbed in the back with his own knife
  31. The Gentlemen - All six's heads exploded at the sound of her scream
  32. Boone - Staked in the back
  33. Adam - Uranium power supply (his heart) torn out
  34. Cyrus - Staked in the back
  35. Peaches - Stabbed with stake
  36. Brad Konig - Decapitated with axe
  37. Mort - Staked with unicorn horn
  38. Toth - Stabbed with sword
  39. Spawn of Sobek - Beaten to death
  40. Queller demon - Stabbed in the back of the neck with a knife
  41. Whip - Stabbed with a wooden beam
  42. Doc - Thrown from a tower
  43. Buffy Summers - Sacrificed herself to save the world by jumping into a mystical portal. Revived
  44. Child of Words - Decapitated with an axe
  45. M'Fashnik Demon - Beaten with a lead pipe and drowned
  46. Sword Demon - Trapped in sword, then killed when Buffy broke the sword in two
  47. Glarghk Gulh Kashmas'nik Demon - Impaled with fist
  48. Gnarl - Stabbed in the eyes with thumbs
  49. Avilas - Burned with torch
  50. Grimslaw Demon - Axe thrown at him
  51. Holden Webster (vampire) - Stabbed with stake
  52. Ubervamp - Decapitated with wire
  53. Lissa - Decapitated with sword
  54. Richard - Stabbed with stake
  55. Caleb - Chopped vertically in two with scythe

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