There are no deaths in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and its film versions, but four of the five children are eliminated from the factory one way or another through their own greed and stupidity. The play is much darker and implies at least some died.

  1. Augustus Gloop - Drank from the chocolate river, but fell in and went up the pipe. In the book, he returned extremely skinny; in the first film, he wasn't seen again but Mr. Wonka said he'd be restored to his "normal terrible old self", though a little wiser. In the second film, he is as fat as ever, but seems to be turned into fudge, and is eating his fingers. However, it is implied in some versions he was killed and made into candy.
  1. Violet Beauregarde - Chewed Mr. Wonka's gum, and at the "blueberry pie" part (as the gum is a three-course dinner), turned blue and blew up like a blueberry. Was later restored mostly to normal by squeezing the juice out of her, but was purple in the face afterwards. She is never seen again in the first film (but it is presumed to be the same as the book), and in the second film she is extremely flexible afterward but her face is still blue.
  1. Veruca Salt - Attacked by squirrels while trying to take one of them, and, deemed a bad nut, thrown down the garbage chute. They did the same to Mr. and Mrs. Salt. Survived due to the incinerator not being lit. In the first film, the squirrels are replaced by geese, and do not attack Veruca but rather she steps on the eggdicator, which deems her a bad egg and opens up, sending her falling down the chute. Mr. Salt dives down the chute after her. Mrs. Salt is not on the tour as she is in the book. They are never seen again in the film but Mr. Wonka says she'll be "completely restored to her normal terrible old self", though hopefully a little wiser. The second film is accurate to the book except that once again Mrs. Salt is not there. Also, the incinerator is only lit on Tuesdays (which that day is), but was broken. In the play, it is stated she was killed in the incinerator.
  1. Mike Teavee - Was sent by television using Mr. Wonka's camera, shrinking him down to a small size on the TV. He was later stretched in the taffy puller to make him extremely tall, and then given a candy containing every vitamin (except H and S) to make him less skinny (and to make his toes grow as long as his fingers). In the first film, he is never seen again and the vitamin candy is not mentioned. Nor is it mentioned in the second film, but Mike is seen afterward, extremely tall and literally as thin as paper.

Though this list counts one for "deathless eliminations", if one has a dark point of view they could assume that in the first film (where none of the kids are ever seen again by the audience) Augustus was turned into fudge and shipped over the world where he was eventually eaten, Violet exploded before they could de-juice her, Veruca and Mr. Salt were burned in the incinerator, and Mike was accidentally squished by the Oompa Loompa taking him to the taffy puller (there is a moment when the Oompa Loompa whispers something into Mr. Wonka's ear, which Wonka replies "No, I won't hold you responsible.") However, their survival is more likely, as in the book and the second film.