Chuck is a live-action television series about an average computer whiz named Chuck, who receives an encoded email from an old college friend now working for the CIA; the message embeds the only remaining copy of a software program containing the United States' greatest spy secrets into Chuck's brain. It ran for five seasons.

Season 1Edit

  1. Mason Whitney - Found dead after being poisoned by Riordan Payne
  2. Vladimir Snell - Shot in the head by Margos Yeremyan
  3. Yari Demetrios - Sniped by Tommy Delgado
  4. Detective Conway - Shot by Lizzie Shafai

Season 2Edit

  1. CIA Director Langston Graham - Blown up by the Intersect after it was sabotaged by FULCRUM
  2. Mr. Morimoto - Blown up by a bomb on his arcade machine planted by Farrokh Bulsara
  3. Guy Lafleur - Thrown out of a window by Wolf Den
  4. Wolf Den - Shot by Sarah during a shootout
  5. Lt. Frank Mauser - Shot dead by Sarah to protect Chuck's secret
  6. Achmed Gambir - Neck snapped by Casey
  7. Dr. Howard Busgang - Shot dead by a FULCRUM agent
  8. Uncle Bernie - Suffers a heart attack
  9. Bill Bergey - Accidentally trips and falls through a window
  10. Ted Roark - Shot dead by Miles
  11. Bryce Larkin - Bleeds out while talking to Chuck after being shot by a Ring agent

Season 3Edit

  1. Emmett Milbarge - Shot in the eye by Javier Cruz
  2. Javier Cruz - Shot with a minigun by Casey
  3. Sydney Prince - Shot in the back by Daniel Shaw
  4. Rafe Gruber - Sniped in the head by Casey
  5. James Keller - Neck snapped by Casey strangling him
  6. Anatoli Zevlovski - Shot by Hunter Perry
  7. Hunter Perry - Shot by Casey so Chuck doesn't have to do it
  8. Eve Shaw - Shot by Sarah during her "red test" for the CIA, is shown in video footage
  9. Daniel Shaw - Shot by Chuck in his nightmare he is having
  10. Stephen Bartowski - Shot by Shaw after he joins the Ring instead

Season 4Edit

  1. Marco - Shot by Mary Bartowski to protect Chuck's relation to her
  2. Sarah Walker - Shot by Mary during a hallucination Chuck is having while infected with nerve gas
  3. Jim Rye - Shot in the back by Adelbert de Smet and he falls out of the cable car
  4. Yuri Gobrienko - Shot in the head by Alexei Volkoff
  5. Jurek - Shot by Boris Kaminsky
  6. Antonio - Shot by Boris Kaminsky
  7. Boris Kaminsky - Shot with a shotgun by Vivian Volkoff
  8. Dragan Pichushkin - Shot in the back by Victoria Dunwoody
  9. Brody - Stabbed by Damien
  10. Brody - Stabbed by Lewis in an alternate version of what might have happened
  11. Lewis - Found dead after being killed by Damien
  12. Brody - Stabbed by Josie in another version of what might have happened
  13. Sebastian Carlisle - Shot by Mr. Riley
  14. Mr. Riley - Shot by Sarah

Season 5Edit

  1. Jane - Shot by Casey
  2. Clyde Decker - Blown up by Gertrude Verbanski with the fake computer virus
  3. Kieran Ryker - Stabbed in the back by Sarah after getting distracted
  4. Pedro St. Germaine - Run over with a Humvee by Sarah
  5. Renny Deutch - Shot by Nicholas Quinn to retrieve a piece of the Intersect's repair key
  6. Nicholas Quinn - Shot by Sarah

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