Commando (1985) Edit

  • Lawson - Shot by Cooke with submachine gun
  • Forrestal - Run over by car
  • Harris - Shot by Diaz with AK-47
  • Jackson - Shot by Diaz with AK-47
  • Diaz - Shot in head by Col. John Matrix with Remington 870
  • Henriques - Neck snapped by Col. John Matrix
  • Interceptor Officer - Shot by Unnamed Person with revolver
  • Unnamed Person - Shot by Interceptor Officer with pistol
  • Interceptor Officer - Shot by Sully with pistol
  • Sully - Dropped off cliff by Col. John Matrix
  • Cooke - Impaled on broken off chair leg by Col. John Matrix
  • Soldier - Head bashed against anvil by Col. John Matrix
  • 2 Soldiers - Shot by Col. John Matrix with submachine gun
  • Numerous Soldiers - Killed in Various Way by Col. John Matrix
  • Arius - Shot in chest 3 times by Col. John Matrix with Remington 870
  • Bennett - Pinned to the wall on large pipe javelin-thrown by Col. John Matrix

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