Cross Ange is an anime where non-magic people, Norma (such as Ange, the former princess of the Misurugi Empire), are forced to fight dragons. Both humans' prejudice against Norma and the war with the dragons was orchestrated by the creator of the world of mana, Embryo.

  • Sophia Misurugi - Shot by a guard
  • Coco Reeve - Killed by a dragon with a laser
  • Miranda Campbell - Eaten by schooner dragons
  • Zola Axberg - Killed when the Galleon dragon caused her Paramail to crash
  • Galleon Dragon - Stabbed in the neck by Ange with Villkiss
  • Dragon (Ange Loss) - Stabbed repeatedly by Ange with a knife
  • First Of Gravity Dragon - Shot by Salia, Hilda, Rosalie, Chris, Ersha, and Vivian
  • Jurai Misurugi - Hanged by, or at the command of, Julio (as shown in flashback)
  • Chris - Nonfatally shot in the head, then killed in explosion of her Paramail by one of Julio's soldiers. She was revived by Embryo
  • Julio Misurugi - Destroyed by Embryo with Hysterica's laser cannons
  • Marika - Blown up inside her Paramail by Chris throwing her sword at it
  • Tanya - Crushed inside her Paramail by a dragon with his jaws
  • Irma - Killed when a dragon violently smashed into her Paramail
  • Jill - Mortally wounded by Embryo with a laser while controlling Hysterica
  • Embryo - Chopped vertically in two by Tusk. Briefly survived as Hysterica before he was slashed by Ange with Villkiss's beam sword, blowing him up.

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