Season 1 Edit

Pilot, Part 1 Edit

  • Joe Boardman/Prince Khufu - Killed by Savage.
  • Edith Boardman/Priestess Chay-Ara - Killed by Savage.
  • Aldus Boardman - Killed in the crossfire with Chronos.
  • Miranda Coburn - Shot by Savage.
  • Jonas Hunter - Shot by Savage.

Pilot, Part 2 Edit

  • Carter Hall/Hawkman/Prince Khufu - Stabbed in the heart by Savage. He was later reincarnated.

Fail-Safe Edit

  • Mikhail Arkadin - Blown up by Vostok's explosion.
  • Boris - Blown up by Vostok's explosion.
  • Valentina Vostok/Firestorm - Suffered a nuclear meltdown without the use of the quantum splicer, and died in a nuclear explosion.

Night of the Hawk Edit

  • Sheriff Bud Ellison - Mauled to death by the hawk creatures.

Progeny Edit

  • Tor Degaton - Stabbed in his sleep by his son, Per.
  • Per Degaton - Stabbed by Savage when he was no longer worth anything to him.

The Magnificent Eight Edit

  • Jeb Stillwater - Shot by Rip Hunter.

Last Refuge Edit

  • Kaylex Druzan - Killed by the Pilgrim as his younger self and erased from history.
  • The Pilgrim - Stabbed by ten year old Rip.
  • James Jackson - Killed in a battle in Somalia.

Leviathan Edit

  • Leviathan - Decapitated by Ray.

Destiny Edit

  • Time Master Declan - Crushed by Mick under his foot.
  • Leonard Snart/Captain Cold - Manually blew up the Oculus and the Vanishing Point, killing himself and destroying the source of the Time Master's power.
  • Zaman Druce - Killed in the destruction of the Vanishing Point.

Legendary Edit

  • Carmine Broome - Shot by Mick.
  • Vandal Savage/Hath-Set - Set on fire by Mick in 1958, beaten to death by Sara in 1975, and stabbed in the heart by Kendra in 2021. Finally killed when Rip smashes him against a circuit breaker, electrocuting him.

Season 2 Edit

The Justice Society of America Edit

  • Baron Krieger/der Ubermensch - Led into a bombing by the Legends.
  • Rex Tyler/Hourman - Stabbed through the heart by Eobard Thawn
  • .

Shogun Edit

  • Tokugawa Iemitsu - Killed in the explosion of the ATOM suit.

Abominations Edit

  • Henry Scott - Stabbed by a zombie.
  • Daniel Collins - Mauled and eaten by the zombies.

The Legion of Doom Edit

  • George Washington - Shot by Rip. This was later undone by the Legends.

Camelot/3000 Edit

  • Charles McNider/Doctor Mid-Nite - Died of blood loss when Rip removed a piece of the Spear from inside him.
  • Sir Galahad - Stabbed by Arthur, under Rip's control.

Moonshot Edit

  • Henry Heywood/Commander Steel - Sucked out of the Waverider when he opened the cargo bay door.

Doomworld Edit

  • Felicity Smoak - Neck broken by Sara. This was later undone when Doomworld was prevented.
  • Amaya Jiwe/Vixen - Frozen and shattered by Snart. This was later undone when Doomworld was prevented.

Aruba Edit

  • Ray Palmer/Atom - Heart torn out by Eobard. His younger self remained.
  • Jefferson Jackson/Firestorm - Shot by Malcolm. His younger self remained
  • Mick Rory/Heat Wave - Stabbed through the heart by Snart with an icicle. His younger self remained.
  • Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash - Stabbed through the heart by Zoom, destroying all of his time remnants.
  • Sara Lance/White Canary - Erased after Doomworld was prevented. Her slightly younger self remained.
  • Nate Heywood/Steel - Stabbed by Darhk. His younger self remained.
  • Rip Hunter - Neck broken by Eobard. His younger self remained.

Season 3Edit

Phone HomeEdit

  • Young Ray Palmer - Shot off-screen by a government agent while attempting to rescue Gumball, a baby Dominator. This is later undone when the Legends save him and return Gumball back to his mother.

Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4Edit

  • Martin Stein - Shot twice by an Earth-X Nazi while attempting to activate a breach back to Earth One; ultimately dies after severing his Firestorm connection to Jax when he drinks Cisco Ramon's experimental drug.
  • Kara/Overgirl - Earth-X - Explodes into a supernova in space due to an overdose of solar radiation absorption poisoning her. Kara's Earth-36 doppelganger, Supergirl, remained.
  • Oliver/Dark Arrow/Fuehrer - Earth-X - Shot in the chest with an arrow by his Earth One doppleganger, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, who remained.

No Country for Old DadsEdit

  • Dr. Vogal - Shot to death in 1962 by the past version of Damien Darhk; Shot to death again by the present-day version of Darhk.
  • Alan - Neck broken by Darhk while he is pinned to the ceiling by magic.
  • Director Bennett - Beaten to death by Grodd. 

I, AvaEdit

  • Kuasa - Killed when Nora Darhk/Mallus rips the Water Totem from her chest. Her death is later undone when the Legends save Zambesi in 1992. 

The Good, The Bad and The CuddlyEdit

  • Rip Hunter - Sacrifices himself when he explodes the Time Drive to temporarily trap Mallus
  • Damien Darhk - Killed when Mallus fully takes over his body after Mallus leaves Nora's body and possesses him
  • Mallus - Killed in a giant air slam by the Giant Beebo created from the combined powers of Wally, Sara, Mick, Zari, Nate and Amaya Jiwe

Season 4Edit