Season 1 Edit

Into the Ring Edit

  • Daniel Fisher - Stabbed by Fisk's men.
  • Clyde Farnum - Shot by Fisk's men.

Cut Man Edit

  • Jack Murdock - Beaten and shot by Roscoe Sweeney's men.

Rabbit in a Snowstorm Edit

  • Mr. Prohaszka - Beaten to death by Healy with a bowling ball.
  • John Healy - Impaled himself on a spike.

In the Blood Edit

  • Alexei - Died in prison.
  • Anatoly Ranskahov - Decapitated by Fisk with a car door.

World on Fire Edit

  • Piotr - Shot by Blake.

Condemned Edit

  • Ivan - Shot by Blake.
  • Officer Sullivan - Stabbed by a corrupt ESU officer.
  • Two patrol officers - Shot by a corrupt ESU sniper
  • Sergei - Shot by Corbin.
  • Vladimir Ranskahov - Shot by the ESU team.

Stick Edit

  • Aito - Decapitated by Stick.
  • Black Sky - Shot by Stick.

Shadows in the Glass Edit

  • Bill Fisk - Hit in the head with a hammer by his son, Wilson.
  • Christian Blake - Injected with poison by Hoffman.

Speak of the Devil Edit

  • Elena Cardenas - Stabbed by Jake.
  • Junkie Jake - Thrown off of a roof by Fisk's men.

The Path of the Righteous Edit

  • James Wesley - Shot in the chest seven times by Karen Page.

The Ones We Leave Behind Edit

  • Ben Urich - Strangled by Fisk.

Daredevil Edit

  • Leland Owlsley - Thrown down an elevator shaft by Fisk.

Season 2 Edit

Bang Edit

Dogs to a Gunfight Edit

New York's Finest Edit

Penny and Dime Edit

Kinbaku Edit

Regrets Only Edit

Semper Fidelis Edit

Guilty as Sin Edit

Seven Minutes in Heaven Edit

The Man in the Box Edit

.380 Edit

The Dark at the End of the Tunnel Edit

A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen Edit

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