For a fighting game series, Darkstalkers has killed a surprising number of it's cast.

Prior to Night WarriorsEdit

  • Galnan Voshtal : Died before the events of the games

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers RevengeEdit

  1. Pyron: Absorbed by Demitri

Vampire Savior: The Lord of VampireEdit

  1. Victor Von Gerdenheim: Gave his life to repower Emily
  2. Lillith Aensland: Re-absorbed by Morrigan
  3. Huitzil: Destroyed by the other Darkstalkers
  4. Demitri Maximoff: Killed by Jedah in battle, according to the OST
  5. Q-Bee: Presumably starved to death
  6. Donovan Baine --> Dee: Died in Dee's ending, it is likely Anita had killed him in battle. She visits his grave at the end.

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