Dick Tracy is a film based on comic strips about a detective named Dick Tracy who is determined to catch the notorious gangster Big Boy.

  • Shoulders - Shot by Flattop and Itchy
  • Stooge - Shot by Flattop and Itchy
  • The Rodent - Shot by Flattop and Itchy
  • The Brow - Shot by Flattop and Itchy
  • Little Face - Shot by Flattop and Itchy
  • Lips Manlis - Encased in cement inside a box then dumped into the river by Big Boy's gang
  • Spud Spaldoni - Blown up by Big Boy with a car bomb
  • Pruneface - Shot by The Blank
  • D.A. Fletcher - Shot by The Blank
  • Influence - Shot by Tracy
  • Itchy - Shot by Tracy
  • Flattop - Shot by Tracy
  • Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice - Knocked over the edge of the bridge gears by Tracy, sending him falling to his death
  • Breathless Mahoney/The Blank - Shot by Big Boy

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