Tarzan is a Disney franchise that commenced in 1999 with the theatrical release of the film Tarzan.

First filmEdit

  • Kala's and Kerchak's biological child - Killed offscreen by Sabor
  • Tarzan's biological parents - Killed offscreen by Sabor
  • Sabor - Killed offscreen by Tarzan with a spear
  • Kerchak - Shot by Clayton, who was aiming for Tarzan but Kerchak jumped in front of him.
  • Cecil Clayton - Became tangled in vines, and when he cut some of the vines, he ended up hanging himself on one of them.

The Legend of TarzanEdit

  • Hista - Drowns in a tar-pit after fallowing Tarzan into it.
  • Queen La - Turns to dust after Jane destroys her staff, though her ghost survived.
  • Count Nikolas Rokoff - Debated. Chased by a group of leopards.


  • Kala also dies, but only in the novels.

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