Dumb Ways to Die is an Australian announcement by Metro Trains, warning people to be safe around trains and lists train-related deaths among a list of slapstick deaths. As you can expect from a song about death, people do die.

List of Deaths Edit

  • ,Numpty-sets fire to his hair.
  • Hapless-pokes a stick at a grizzly bear. He dies when the bear bites his head off.
  • Pillock-eats out-of-date medicine and then gets a bizarre rash and dies.
  • Dippy-Uses his privates as piranha bait and the piranhas eat his bottom half.
  • Dumkopf-Gets electrocuted trying to get his toast out with a fork.
  • Dimwit
  • Stupe-His head falls off in a plane crash.
  • Lax-dies of food poisoning after eating a pie that was unrefrigerated for two weeks.
  • Unseen victim-killed by the psycho killer.
  • Doomed-killed when the drug dealer hits him with a bat.
  • Numskull-their head explodes when she takes her helmet off in space.
  • Bungle-dies while hiding in a clothes dryer.
  • Mishap-dies when his pet rattlesnake bites him.
  • Dunce-dies after selling both his kidneys on the internet.
  • Calamity-dies after swallowing superglue.
  • Ninny-killed in an explosion after pressing a red button.
  • Botch-shot after being mistaken for a moose.
  • Doofus-stung by wasps.
  • Stumble-ran over by a train after standing on the edge of the platform.
  • Bonehead-ran over by a train after driving around the boom gates.
  • Putz-ran over by a train after crossing the tracks.