A list of deaths within Dean Dodrill's Elysian Tail universe. Dust's normal form of combat is with his sword Ahrah. He can perform the Dust Storm, a move that lets Fidget spew projectiles to attack enemies with. He also has a slide kick to attack foes with.

Dust: An Elysian Tail Edit

  • Jin and Ginger's parents- Murdered by Cassius
  • Jin and Cassius - Stabbed one another, dying at the same time.
  • Giants (x2) - Slain by Dust in battle
  • Fuse - Slain by Dust, and slowly expired.
  • Bopo's Father - Passed away because Dust and Fidget arrived too late.
  • Demon in Reed's Box - Dispelled when Dust was slain by a monster. (Optional side-quest)
  • Crow - Slain by Dust in battle
  • Baron Kane - Died of a broken heart after betraying Zepliech, and so many of his friends and neighbors to Gaius. He was then possessed by a demon
  • Demon Kane - Dispelled by Dust in battle.
  • Frite - Slain by Dust in battle
  • Frites (2, x3) - Slain by Dust in battle
  • Falana Soldiers (x3) - Slain by Dust in battle
  • Kier - Killed by Cloaked Assassins
  • Gaius's guards (x2) - Slain by Dust in battle.
  • General Gaius - Flung himself into the lava, accepting that Cassius was gone.
  • Dust - Left himself to be consumed by the lava, knowing his job was done. His spirit floats away afterwards.
  • Cora - Dies from old age after choosing to stay in the Sorrowing Meadow with the ghost of Kane.

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