Firefly is a live-action television series about a crew of space smugglers who end up on the run from the Alliance government after taking on a pair of siblings, one of which has mysterious powers after being experimented on. It ran for only one season.

Firefly (TV series)Edit

  1. Crayton - Killed by the Alliance during the Battle of Serenity Valley
  2. Bendis - Shot by the Alliance during the Battle of Serenity Valley
  3. Crow - Kicked into one of Serenity's engines by Mal
  4. Insane Reaver Survivor - Neck broken by Mal with his handcuffs
  5. Stitch Hessian - Knife thrown into his chest by Jayne then his head is bashed repeatedly against the ground
  6. Agent McGinnis - Killed by Hands of Blue 1 with a sonic device
  7. Niska's Torturer - Shot multiple times by Zoe, Jayne and Wash and he falls down a large shaft
  8. Tracey Smith - Bleeds out after being shot in the chest by Mal
  9. Nandi - Shot in the stomach by Rance Burgess
  10. Rance Burgess - Shot in the head by Petaline

Serenity: Those Left Behind (comic)Edit

  1. Lawrence Dobson - Shot through his good eye by Mal, then shot again to make sure he's dead
  2. Hands of Blue - Incinerated by Wash with the jet flare of Serenity

Serenity (film)Edit

  1. Dr. Mathias - Paralyzed by The Operative to fall on his sword
  2. Shepherd Book - Shot by an Alliance gunship
  3. Mr. Universe - Stabbed by The Operative
  4. Wash - Harpooned by a Reaver
  5. Reavers - Some crashed their ships into Alliance ships, the rest were killed by River with a sword

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