Artist, Animator, i´m animating Happy Tree Friends

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  • Cuddles - Shot, blown up by Fliqpy
  • Fliqpy - Splattered by Splendid
  • Mr. Pickels - Shredded on woodchipper by Fliqpy
  • Mr. Pickels - Cut in half by Giggles with knife
  • Mr. Pickels - Impaled on movie projector by Fliqpy
  • Mr. Pickels - Crushed by tree
  • Mr. Pickels - Blown up by earth
  • Cuddles - Head kicked off by Lumpy
  • Lumpy - Splattered when football by Splendid
  • Cuddles - Crushed by log
  • Cuddles - Sliced in half by ladder
  • Flaky - Sliced in half by ladder
  • Handy - Sliced in two by The Mole with chainsaw
  • Mime - Head sliced in half on the edge of shredder by Fliqpy
  • Giggles - Decapitated with knife, blown up by Fliqpy
  • Disco Bear - Head sliced in half by Fliqpy with axe
  • Petunia - Stabbed in the gut five times by Fliqpy with knife
  • Nutty - Crushed by metal box
  • Cuddles - Exploded
  • Giggles - Shredded on propeller of plane by Fliqpy
  • Cuddles - Blown to pieces by Disco Bear on gun
  • Lumpy - Shredded on plane by Fliqpy
  • The Ant - Killed on acid by Nicky
  • The Ant - Splattered by Snowers with loud gun
  • The Ant - Crushed by knob
  • The Ant - Killed by Nicky
  • Lammy - Head blown up by fireworks´s fire
  • Shifty - Blown up by Lifty with a fireball
  • Flaky - Swollen up with a chilli pepper and killed by a fireball
  • The Mole - Lit on fire and killed with a quill to the head
  • Russell and Nutty - Impaled on a quill
  • Cro-Marmot - Burned to ashes
  • Giggles - Burned to death
  • Petunia - Burned to death
  • Nutty - Sliced apart by Fliqpy
  • Handy - Sliced apart by Fliqpy
  • Giggles - Sliced apart by Fliqpy
  • Flaky - Hit in head, arms/legs ripped off, crushed in car hood/head sliced by Fliqpy
  • Flaky - Sliced in half by The Mole with axe

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