The Hateful Eight is revisionist Western directed by Quentin Tarantino. Every single character that appears in the film dies, usually in very graphic ways.


Villains are in bold.

The Hateful Eight Edit

  • Chester Charles Smithers - Presumably killed off-screen by Warren (Flashback).
  • Minnie Mink - Shot in the head by Jody Domergue.
  • Ed - Shot in the chest by Jody Domergue.
  • Sweet Dave - Stabbed in the back by Bob.
  • Gemma - Shot in the stomach by Mobray
  • Six-Horse Judy - Shot in the chest by Gage.
  • Charly - Shot in the head by Gage with a shotgun.
  • 3 Unidentified Men - Killed off-screen by Warren.
  • General "Sandy" Sanford Smithers (The Confederate) - Shot in self defense by Warren after he attempted to kill him as revenge for his sons deaths.
  • O.B Jackson - Died after drinking coffee poisoned by Gage.
  • John Ruth (The Hangman) - Shot in the chest by Daisy with his own gun.
  • Bob (Marco the Mexican) - Head blown off by Warren with two pistols.
  • Jody Domergue - Shot in the back of the head by Warren.
  • Joe Gage (The Cowpuncher) - Shot in the chest by Warren and Mannix.
  • Oswaldo Mobray (The Little Man) - Shot in the chest by Mannix and in the leg by Warren.
  • Daisy Domergue (The Prisoner) - Hanged by Mannix and Warren as revenge for Johns death.
  • Chris Mannix (The Sheriff) - Shot by Mobray. Died from blood loss soon after.
  • Major Marquis Warren (The Bounty Hunter) - Shot in the groin by Jody. Died of blood loss soon after.