Ikki Tousen is an anime about "fighters" who have counterparts that fought and died many years ago, and many of them try to avoid the same fate as their predecessors, as the fighting schools battle for supremacy. In the first season, the ruthless Toutaku of Rakuyo has the most power and many move against him, so he lets them fight each other to avoid his fate. In the second season, Dragon Destiny, Moutoku Sousou, leader of Kyoshou, is overcome by his dragon, the evil warlord Sousou.

Ikki TousenEdit

  • Enjutsu - Killed by Kannei before the events of the first episode
  • Rikaku - Killed when Ryofy shot some sort of force through him
  • Chinkyuu - Mortally wounded by Rikaku, either from when he squeezed her head with his hand, or possibly inflicted other injuries on her offscreen
  • Housen Ryofu - Used a special technique to kill herself and Toutaku
  • Chuuei Toutaku - Killed by Ryofu with her technique. On death he transferred his mind into Hakufu to control her, but was later eaten by Hakufu's dragon inside her.

Ikki Tousen Dragon DestinyEdit

  • Koshaji - Head smashed against the wall by Sousou.
  • Houkou Kakuka - Stabbed by Youjyou Bashoku
  • Toutotsu - Split in half by Sousou
  • Ukitsu - Sacrificed herself to revive Hakufu
  • Chuutatsu Shibai - Mortally wounded by Kan'u, and was destroyed when she transferred her evil powers to Sousou
  • Moutoko Sousou/Sousou the Warlord - Destroyed by Hakufu and Gentoku with the power of their Water Dragon and Lightning Dragon, respectively.

Note: Sousou's dragon is dominant when he kills Koshaji and Toutotsu

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