The Indiana Jones films were adventure movies but all of them have some gore and some deaths in it.

The Temple of Doom Edit

  1. Wu Han - Shot through the chest by Chen.
  2. Chen - Skewered by Indy with a pigeon flambé.
  3. Thuggee Assassin - Accidentally hung from a fan by Indy with his whip.
  4. Sacrifice Victim - Heart ripped out of chest and burnt alive in lava, all by Mola Ram.
  5. Thuggee Chief Guard - Crushed by a rock crusher when part of his uniform was caught in it.
  6. Mola Ram - Hand burned by Indy with one of the Sankara Stones, causing him to fall into a river and get devoured by Crocodiles.

Raiders of the Lost ArkEdit

  1. Satipo - Stabbed by spikes in the temple.
  2. Barranca - Killed by Natives shooting darts at his back
  3. Ratty Nepalese - Shot by Marion.
  4. Otto (The Second Nazi) - Shot by Indy and the Giant Sherpa.
  5. Mean Mongolian - Shot by Marion.
  6. Giant Sherpa - Arm put on fire by Indy. Knocked out with a chair to the head and left to burn in The Raven.
  7. Arabian Thug - Accidentally stabbed by his cohort.
  8. Arabian Sword Fighter - Shot by Indy.
  9. Monkey - Ate poisoned dates.
  10. Burly German Mechanic - Decapitated by propeller.
  11. German Pilot - Killed in explosion of plane.
  12. Colonel Gobler - Fell off a cliff along with his truck
  13. Colonel Herman Dietrich - Face shrunk due to opening the Ark of the Covenant.
  14. Major Arnold Ernst Toht - Face melted due to opening the Ark
  15. Dr. Rene Emile Belloq - Head exploded due to opening the Ark.

The Last CrusadeEdit

  1. Panama Hat - Blown up along with his crew on his ship.
  2. Kazim - Shot by Nazi soldiers.
  3. Haitian Tank Gunner - Accidentally shot in the forehead.
  4. Haitian Tank Crew - Crushed when the tank fell off of a cliff with them onboard.
  5. Colonel Ernst Vogel - Crushed when his tank fell off of a cliff with him on it.
  6. Haitian Volunteer - Head cut off offscreen when he activated the first booby trap while looking for the Grail.
  7. Second Volunteer - Distracted by the first volunteer's death, causing him to suffer the same fate offscreen.
  8. Walter Donovan - Drank from the wrong grail and turns into a skeleton then disintigrating to dust
  9. Dr. Elsa Schneider - Fell while trying to retreive the grail from a chasm.

Between the Last Crusade and the Crystal SkullEdit

  1. Dr. Henry Walton Jones Sr. - Is mentioned to be dead, likely old age.
  2. Dr. Marcus Brody - Is mentioned to be dead.

Kingdom of the Crystal SkullEdit

  1. Soviet Soldiers - Killed when the nuclear test occurred.
  2. Colonel Antonin Dovchenko - Eaten by fire ants.
  3. George "Mac" McHale - Sucked into an alien portal.
  4. Colonel Doctor Irina Spalko - Asked for knowledge from the aliens, but got too much and disintegrated into fire which was then sucked into the portal.

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