Season 1 Edit

Snow Gives Way Edit

  • Big Al - Died of heroin overdose

Eight Diagram Dragon Palm Edit

  • Yangsi Gonshi Warrior - Sliced in the head with a sword by Harold Meachum

Under Leaf Pluck Lotus Edit

  • King - Executed by Madame Gao via a sword through the head

Immortal Emerges from Cave Edit

  • Yakuza Member - Killed by Scythe by strangulation with a microphone cord
    • Other Yakuza Members were also killed by Scythe in a much bloodier way, but only the above death is seen on screen

Felling Tree With Roots Edit

  • Alexi - Stabbed to death by Harold Meachum
  • Vando - Throat slit by Harold Meachum
  • Radovan Bernivig - Succumbed to wounds sustained from an accidental stabbing
  • Harold Meachum - Stabbed to death by Ward Meachum (Second Death)

The Blessing of Many Fractures Edit

  • Gao's Bodyguards - Accidentally hit by adversaries with poisoned weapons

The Mistress of All Agonies Edit

  • Kyle - Bludgeoned with an ice cream scoop by Harold Meachum

Black Tiger Steals Heart Edit

  • Lawrence Wilkins - Shot in the head by Harold Meachum

Bar the Big Boss Edit

  • Kevin Singleton - Shot by Bakuto's men
  • Gary - Shot by Bakuto's men

Dragon Plays with Fire Edit

  • Harold Meachum - Shot by Ward Meachum and cremated afterwards so he could not return (Final Death)

Deaths Before Series Edit

  • Wendell Rand - Died in plane crash orchestrated by Harold Meachum
  • Heather Rand - Sucked out of plane during plane crash orchestrated by Harold Meachum
  • Harold Meachum - Died of cancer (First Death)