It is a miniseries based on the Stephen King book of the same name. Many factors are toned down in this film, however, such as gore; the most blood seen in the movie is blood created by It with balloons, or coming out of the sink, and therefore not a character's blood. The death scenes are much less gory than in the book.

TV Miniseries Edit

  1. Laurie-Ann - Killed offscreen by It. It is unknown which form it took. (present)
  2. Georgie Denbrough - Arm pulled off offscreen by It. (past)
  3. Patrick Hocksetter - Attacked by It in the sewer, appearing to be in the form of deadlights, but may also have been something to viciously eat him (as it was in the book). It is unknown what form It took, as it was shown from It's point of view. (past)
  4. Belch Huggins - Was pulled into a pipe by It (in the form of deadlights), bending him in half in the process, possibly eating him later. (past)
  5. Alvin Marsh - Died of an unknown cause. It is implied that he was eaten by It.
  6. Stan Uris - Slit his wrists in the bathtub once he heard that It has returned, as he was haunted by his memories of it. (present)
  7. Koontz - Killed by It in the form of a vicious dog, to help his pawn, Henry, escape from the asylum. (present)
  8. Henry Bowers - While trying to kill Mike with a knife, was pulled off him by Eddie and Ben, and accidentally stabbed himself.
  9. Eddie Kaspbrak - Mortally wounded by It in spider form, though the nature of the injuries is not quite seen as there are only a few shots of Eddie in It's grasp.
  10. It - After being wounded by Beverly with a silver slingshot, retreated so it could attack them again years later. Bill, Ben, Beverly, and Richie chased after it and attacked it, the deathblow finally being struck when Bill pulled out its heart.

Reboot Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

  1. Georgie Denbrough - Arm bitten off by It, then dragged into the sewers and killed.
  2. Patrick Hocksetter - Killed by It.
  3. Alvin Marsh - Hit in the face by Beverly with a toilet seat. Debatable death; it is implied that he was imprisoned for abusing Beverly, as she said that she will be staying with the town sheriff and his family at the end of this film.
  4. Oscar "Butch" Bowers - Stabbed in the neck by Henry with a switchblade under It's orders.
  5. Henry Bowers - Pushed down the well by Mike. Debatable; if he survived the fall, then he would return in Chapter 2 until meeting his confirmed death.

Chapter 2 Edit

Coming Soon!

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