Jaws Edit

  1. Chrissie Watkins - Devoured by the Shark.
  2. Pippet (Dog) - Killed off-screen by the Shark.
  3. Alex Kintner - Pulled from his raft, and mutilated by the Shark.
  4. Ben Gardner - Killed off-screen by the Shark.
  5. Estuary Victim - Leg dismembered and eaten alive by the Shark.
  6. Quint - Eaten alive by the Shark.
  7. Bruce (Shark) - Ingested a scuba tank, then shot by Martin Brody with a M1 Garand and blown up.

Jaws 2 Edit

  1. Scuba Diver 1 - Eaten by the Shark.
  2. Scuba Diver 2 - Eaten by the Shark.
  3. Terry - Devoured by the Shark.
  4. Diane - Killed in explosion while trying to defend herself from being eaten by the Shark.
  5. Orca (Killer Whale) - Killed by the Shark.
  6. Eddie Marchand - Devoured by the Shark.
  7. Helicopter Pilot - Drowned by the Shark.
  8. Marge - Devoured by the Shark.
  9. Brucette (Shark) - Bit into an undersea power cable and electrocuted, caused by Martin Brody.

Between Jaws 2 and 3-D Edit

  1. Mayor Larry Vaughn - Suffered from an unknown cause.

Jaws 3-D Edit

  1. Shelby Overman - Mutilated by the Shark.
  2. Randy - Killed off-screen by the Shark.
  3. Ed - Killed off-screen by the Shark.
  4. Philip FitzRoyce - Devoured by the Shark.
  5. Fred - Eaten alive by the Shark.
  6. Brucetta (Shark) - Ingested a grenade, whose pin was pulled by Michael Brody, then blown up.

Between 3-D and Revenge Edit

  1. Martin Brody - Suffered from a heart attack.

Jaws: The Revenge Edit

  1. Sean Brody - Arm dismembered, then pulled under surface and devoured by the Shark.
  2. Mrs. Ferguson - Eaten alive by the Shark.
  3. Vengeance (Shark) - Impaled by boat and blown up after leaping out of the water from being blasted by impulses. (Shared by Ellen and Michael Brody)

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