Mostly, none of the recurring villains get killed off; In the final episode, all but one of the main villains turn good and are last seen in the restaurant.

  1. Lord Monkey Fist - Made a deal with Yono the Destroyer to follow the path of the Yono, if Yono were to serve him. When Hana Stoppable (Yono's counterpart) fought against him and Monkey Fist, she jumped from a height and landed on Monkey Fist, knocking him out. Since she defeated Monkey Fist, who unearthed Yono, Yono vanished inside Monkey Fist and made him follow the Path of the Yono, turning him to stone and sinking into the sand. Unlike other victims turned to stone by Yono, Monkey Fist apparently cannot be changed back; in the final episode, he was seen next to DNAmy in the restaurant, implying that she somehow found his location and dug him up, however he is still a statue.
  2. Warhok and Warmonga - Flung into their crashing spaceship by Ron Stoppable with the Mystical Monkey Power. Killed in the explosion.