LEGO Batman: Gotham After Midnight is a Youtube brickfilm series made by GrassoGuy. It also has a prequel series by DarkLightPictures called LEGO Batman: Gotham Before Midnight.

Season 1Edit


  • Gavin King (Orpheus) - Shot by Sionis.

Empire RisingEdit

  • Philip Reardan - Shot by Sionis.
  • Roman Sionis (Black Mask) - Burned to death in Ogilvy's fire.

Brothers in ArmsEdit

  • District Attorney Harvey Dent - Beaten to death by Maroni.

Skin DeepEdit

  • Ignatius Ogilvy (Emperor Penguin) - Throat slit by the Reaper.
  • The Reaper: Shot by Gordon.

Season 2 "Laughter After Midnight"Edit

Farce & PathosEdit

  • Commissioner James "Jim" Gordan - Blown up in the hospital by Batman, tricked by the Joker.

Turning PointEdit

  • Detective Harvey Bullock - Beaten with a baseball bat by the Joker.

Gotham Before MidnightEdit

House of CardsEdit

  • Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot/The Penguin - Shot by Oglivey.

Before MidnightEdit