LEGO The Flash: Crimson Comet is a Youtube brickfilm series made by the channel GrassoGuy. It takes some inspiration from the CW series The Flash as well the Flash comics.

Season 1Edit


  • Officer Patty Spivot - Shot by Snart.

Gorilla WarfareEdit

  • Mason Trollbridge - Presumably killed offscreen by Grodd.

Shade in the SnowstormEdit

  • Roscoe Dillon - Frozen by Snart and presumably left for dead by Penguin.
  • Frederick Fleming - Suffocated and blinded by Shade.


  • Professor Darwin Elias - Killed before the events of the series by Zolomon. Later saved by a time-traveling Barry.
  • Gorilla Grodd - Killed offscreen by Zolomon.
  • Iris West - Neck broken by Zolomon.

Race Against TimeEdit

  • Lisa Rory - Killed offscreen in anger by Heat Wave using his fire powers.

Blood Will RunEdit

  • Captain Darryl Frye - Blown up with explosives by Thawne.

Season 2Edit

My Name is Eobard ThawneEdit

  • Officer Rose - Killed by Thawne.
  • Nora Allen - Stabbed by Thawne (before main story).
  • George "Digger" Harkness (Captain Boomerang) - Shot by Thawne though he framed Henry Allen by placing the gun in his hand before the bullet hit Harkness.

My Name is Barry AllenEdit

  • Paul Allchen - Died of hypothermia after being frozen by Snart.
  • Samuel Scudder (Mirror Master) - Beaten to death by Thawne. (Debatable)

The New Reverse-FlashEdit

Daniel West - Electrified to death by Thawne. Johnny Quick/Reverse-Flash - Strangled by Thawne.

The Vertigo EffectEdit

Max Mercury - Overdosed on Vertigo, but revived by Barry shortly afterwards using his powers.