The Marvel Brickfilm Universe is a Youtube brickfilm series based around Marvel superheroes such as the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

LEGO Iron Fist Histories: Chalice of K'un-ZiEdit

  • The Laughing Skull - Shot by Orson Randall, though he may have survived as his laughing is heard at the end.

LEGO Logan: Howling CommandoEdit

  • Victor "Vic" Creed (Sabertooth) - Decapitated by Wolverine using his claws.

LEGO Nova CorpsEdit

Distant WorldsEdit

  • Captain Benjamin Tallon - Presumably died when he was exposed to antimatter offscreen.

LEGO Wolverine and the X-Men: "Omega Red"Edit

  • Arkady Rossovich (Omega Red) - Stabbed through the upper torso by Wolverine with his claws.

LEGO Ghost Rider: OriginsEdit

  • Barton Blaze - Died of wounds sustained from a fiery motorcycle crash.
  • Craig "Crash" Simpson - Died in the hospital after a motorcycle crash.

LEGO Immortal Iron FistEdit

In Safe HandsEdit

  • Heather Rand - Devoured by a wolf.

Purloined PowersEdit

  • Doka - Turned to stone by Gorgon.

LEGO Moon Knight: The Crescent CrusaderEdit

Caught in the CrossfireEdit

  • William Cross (Crossfire) - Shot through the head by the Man In White.


  • Tony - Shot in the face by the Don while being used as a shield by Deadpool.
  • Don Fortunato - Shot in the head by Deadpool with his own silver flintlock.

LEGO Invincible Iron ManEdit

Big Trouble in Little VolstockEdit

  • Dr. Igor Vanko - Blasted by a computer-controlled Iron Man suit.

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