Men in Black is a live action film series about a secret organization that monitors alien activity on Earth. Protagonists Jay and Kay of the Men in Black must save the world from more hostile aliens.

Men in BlackEdit

  • Dragonfly - Crashed into a windshield
  • Mikey - Shot by Kay, obliterating him in a shower of blue entrails
  • Perp - Jumped off a building to avoid being punished by the Bug
  • Edgar - Killed by the Bug, either sucking out his insides or tearing his skin off and eating the body. The Bug wore his skin afterwards
  • Zap'em Man - Killed when the Bug rammed his hose of bugspray down his throat
  • Ivan - Broken in half offscreen by the Bug
  • Bald Arquillian - Stabbed by the Bug
  • Gentle Rosenburg - Stabbed and mortally wounded by the Bug
  • Tow truck driver - Shot by the Bug
  • Morgue attendant - Killed offscreen by the Bug, shown attached to the ceiling in some sort of slime/cocoon
  • Edgar the Bug - Shot by Laurel with Jay's gun, obliterating him in a shower of bug guts

Men in Black IIEdit

  • Princess Lauranna - Shot by Serleena (occurs before first film, shown in flashback)
  • Creepy - Eaten by Serleena. (she later throws him up and takes his costume)
  • Ben - Chopped in half by Serleena with one of her tentacles
  • Dog Poop - Shot by Kay
  • Corn Face - Shot by Kay
  • Pineal Eye - Poked in the eye by Kay
  • Mosh Tendrils - Tendrils pulled on by Kay, sending him flying up and sticking his head in the ceiling
  • Flesh Balls (the Ballchinian) - Kicked in the balls (which are on his chin) by Kay. Debatable
  • Jarra - Destroyed when Jay caused him to collide with a Jarra Junior
  • Jeff - Destroyed from the inside by Serleena
  • Serleena - Shot by Jay and Kay, obliterating her in a fireworks explosion

Men in Black 3Edit

  • Zed - Killed offscreen before the events of the film (the cause of death is never revealed)
  • Lilly Poison - Sucked into space by Boris. (this is undone when Boris of 1969 is killed)
  • Agent Kay - Killed by Boris when he travelled back in time, altering the timeline. This is undone due to Jay's intervention
  • Mr. Wu - Killed offscreen by Boris. This is undone when Jay restores the timeline
  • Roman the Fabulous - Shot in the head by Boris with a spike (1969)
  • Boris the Animal - Incinerated by the jet flare of the rocket when it took off
  • Colonel James Darrell Edwards II - Shot by Boris with a spike. (1969)
  • Boris the Animal (1969) - Shot by Kay

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