Despite being a kid-friendly movie, Minions still has a few kills in it

Deaths Edit

  1. Big Algae Cell - eaten by a red cell
  2. Red Cell - eaten by a blue piranha
  3. Small Algae Cell - eaten by a blue piranha
  4. Blue Piranha - eaten by a big fish after being played with by an octopus
  5. Octopus - eaten by a big fish
  6. Pink Fish - seen in the green creature's mouth
  7. Green Creature - stomped on by a T-Rex
  8. T-Rex - fell into a volcano and exploded
  9. Monkey - punched in the face by a caveman
  10. Caveman - eaten by a bear
  11. Egyptian People - crushed by a pyramid
  12. Dracula - turned into stone when the sunlight hit him
  13. Army Leader - shot by the Minions with a cannon
  14. Numerous Secret Agents - killed by Scarlet Overkill
  15. Police - possibly died when their cars crashed into the well
  16. Professor Flux - hit in the head by one of his clones with a water heater
  17. Professor Flux's Clones - disappeared after the original Professor Flux died
  18. Yeti - head smashed with an icicle
  19. Pig Kevin, Pig Bob, and Pig Stuart - crushed with an anvil, along with numerous objects
  20. Alien - crushed with a nuclear missile
  21. Guard - head smashed with a lamp

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