Yukiteru Amano(Yukki) is a loner who never really interacts with people and prefers writing a diary on his cell phone with his only friend being a "figment of his imaginaton" named Deus Ex Machina, the God of space and time. Yukki finds that Deus is real and that he made him a participant in a "Survival Game" with twelve others to become God. Each contestants are given a special diary that can predict their unique future. Having both advantages and disadvantages. Here's a list of everyone who has died in this anime.

Ninth's parents:Shot to death.

Sixth's parents:Car crash, incinerated.

Yukiteru Amano(First World):Took a pill(potassium cyanide)/suicide.

Second's parents:Second locks them in a cage, starved to death.

Yuno Gasai(Second World):Slashed by an axe by Second, died of blood loss.

Unknown woman:Third slashes her with a machete.

Takao Hiyama(Third):First threw a dart at his "Murder Diary" and broke it, spiraled into oblivion.

Many students/teachers:Blown apart in an explosion caused by NInth.

Many Omekata Cult Members:Killed each other with numerous weapons.

Cult Members:Second slashes them with an axe.

Fifth's parents:Second slashes them with an axe.

Hirasaka Yomotsu(Twelfth):Slashed in the neck by Second with an axe, body explodes.

Cult Members:Second slashes them with an axe.

Tsubaki Kasugano(Sixth):First tears her "Clairvoyance Diary" with a dart, spirals into oblivion.

Reisuke Houjou(Fifth):Second stabs him in chest(through his "Hyper Vision Diary"), spirals into oblivion.

Karyuudo Tsukishima(Tenth):Fourth shoots him in the back of the head.

Police Officer:First shoots him.

Keigo Kurusu(Fourth):Broke his "Case Diary", spiraled into oblivion/suicide.

Ai Mikami(Seventh):Second slits her throat with a kitchen knife.

Marco Ikusaba(Seventh):Shrapnel impaled through the abdomen, died when the building collapsed.

Rea Amano:Kurou stabbed her.

Kurou Amano:Eleventh's pawn stabbed him in the stomach.

11th's pawn:Stabbed in the stomach by First.

11th's pawn:Shot by another pawn.

11th's pawn:Second slits his throat.

11th's pawn:First slashes him with a machete.

Orphans:Shot by First.

Orin Mayashiro:Second decapitates her with a machete.

Ta-Kun:Second stabs him in the gut with a machete.

11th's pawns:Nishijima shoots them.

11th's pawn:Shot in the head by Ninth.

11th's pawns:First shoots them with a machine gun.

Masumi Nishijima:Shot numerous times while protecting Ninth.

11th's pawns:Second shoots them all with a machine gun.

11th's pawns:Second stabs them all with a katana.

Ryuji Kurosaki:Eleventh shoots him in the head.

11th's pawns:Second kills them with a katana.

Uryuu Minene(Ninth):Breaks her "Escape Diary", spirals into oblivion. Body explodes/suicide.

John Bacchus(Eleventh):Second shoots him through the head.

Hinata Hino:First shoots her with a pistol.

Mao Nonosaka:First shoots her with a pistol.

Ouji Kosaka:First shoots him with a pistol.

Aru Akise:Second decapitates him with a knife.

Kamado Ueshita(Eighth):Second stabs her in the throat with a knife.

Yuno Gasai(Second):Stabs herself with a knife, dies of blood loss/suicide.