Mission Impossible is a series of movies regarding the Impossible Task Force which is assigned missions that are too dangerous for normal governmental organisations to undertake. This list contains the number of people killed in each movie.

Mission Impossible* Edit

  • Ethan plants explosive chewing gum on the copter, the detonation kills the pilot and his passenger

Mission Impossible 2 Edit

  • Ambrose (disguised as Ethan) breaks Dr. Nekhorvich’s neck
  • Stamp causes the plane to crash, killing the co-pilot, the navgiator, and 66 other people onboard
  • Captain MacIntosh shown dead in photos, killed by Ambrose’s men
  • Dr. Gradski shown dead from the Chimera virus
  • The receptionist is shot by mercenaries
  • Ethan shoots 6 mercenaries
  • 1 dead security guard shown on the floor, killed by mercenaries
  • Ethan shoots 2 more mercenaries
  • Ambrose shoots 1 security guard
  • Wallis and Ulrich both shoot 1 security guard
  • Stamp shoots 1 security guard
  • Ethan shoots another mercenary
  • Ethan kicks 1 guard along the cliffside into the ocean
  • Ethan breaks Simon’s neck with his legs
  • Ethan shoots an explosive, blowing up 2 bodyguards
  • Ethan blows up some chemical containers with a grenade, killing 2 more bodyguards in the blast
  • Ambrose mistakenly shoots Stamp, thinking he’s Ethan
  • Ethan shoots some chemical containers, causing them to blow up 1 guard
  • Ethan shoots 1 guard
  • Ethan shoots 2 bikers
  • Luther blows up a car carrying 3 mercenaries with a grenade launcher
  • Ethan blows up another car carrying 2 mercenaries
  • Ethan causes a car carrying Wallis, Ulrich, and another mercenary to be hit by a semi truck and blown up\
  • Ethan shoots up a jeep, causing it to crash and explode, killing the 2 mercenaries inside
  • Ethan shoots Ambrose

Mission Impossible 3 Edit

  • Ethan’s explosive blows up 1 mercenary
  • Luther’s turrets shoot 2 mercenaries
  • Ethan shoots the mercenary holding Ferris hostage
  • A wounded technician accidentally rolls a grenade towards Zhen and it blows up, killing himself
  • Ethan shoots a mercenary next to some pipes
  • Lindsey shoots 1 mercenary
  • Ethan shoots 4 mercenaries
  • Ethan shoots a mercenary, causing him to fall out a window to his death
  • Ethan’s explosive blows up the warehouse, killing the last 2 mercenaries in the blast
  • The other helicopter is hit by a wind fan and crashes, killing the 2 pilots
  • Lindsey is killed by an explosive charge, implanted in her brain by Davian
  • A Predator Drone controlled by Davian’s mercenaries blows up an IMF SUV, killing 2 IMF agents
  • Davian’s Mercenaries shoot the IMF truck driver
  • Ethan shoots out the tires to a henchman’s car, causing it to crash into a truck head-on, killing the 2 Chinese Mercenaries in the crash
  • Davian executes his translator
  • Ethan shoots a mercenary with another’s gun
  • Davian is left in the path of an oncoming truck, running him down and killing him
  • Julia shoots 1 mercenary
  • Julia shoots Musgrave

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Edit

  • Trevor shoots 2 henchmen while diving off a building
  • Trevor shoots 1 henchman on the ground
  • Moreau shoots Trevor
  • Jane stabs 1 thug with his own knife
  • Hendricks breaks a guard's neck
  • Hendricks plants a bomb in the Kremlin and detonates it, killing the 19 guards and 5 civilians inside
  • The aftershock explosions kill 4 civilians (Hendricks' kills)
  • Sidirov's thugs shoot the IMF Secretary and his driver
  • Hendricks (disguised as Winstrom) shoots Lisenker
  • Ethan kicks one of Moreau's bodyguards in the throat, crushing his windpipe and killing him
  • Brandt kills one of Moreau's bodyguards with a single punch (blood is seen splashing from his head and face, so I assume the hit is fatal)
  • Jane kicks Moreau out a window to her death
  • Winstrom shoots 1 guard
  • Benji shoots Winstrom while he is fighting Brandt
  • Hendricks jumps off a parking structure to his death

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Edit

  • 3 Chechen Separatist's bodies are seen killed by Syndicate agents 
  • Lane shoots an IMF agent in the head 
  • Ilsa hits a Syndicate agent in the face with his own gun killing him 
  • Ethan knees a Syndicate agent in the head killing him 
  • Ilsa breaks a Syndicate agent's neck with her legs 
  • Ethan holds a Syndicate agent down and Ilsa kicks him in the face killing him (Shared) 
  • A technician's body is seen killed by Richter 
  • Ethan kicks Kagan off the platform onto a spiked dragon statue 
  • A technician's body is seen killed by Richter 
  • Ilsa shoots Richter 
  • The Chancellor of Austria, the Chancellor's wife, 3 of the Chancellor's bodyguards and 2 cops are blown up by a car bomb placed by a Syndicate agent 
  • Lane shoots one of his own men 
  • Ethan runs over a Syndicate agent with his car 
  • Ethan sideswipes his car into a Syndicate agent crushing him 
  • Ethan sideswipes his car into a truck knocking a Syndicate agent off the car killing him 
  • Brandt runs over a Syndicate agent with a jeep 
  • A Syndicate agent accidentally crashes his motorbike into a car killing him
  • Ethan knocks a Syndicate agent off his motorbike with his motorbike killing him 
  • Ilsa shoots 2 Syndicate agents 
  • Ethan shoots Saif 
  • Ethan shoots 3 Syndicate agent's 
  • Ethan kicks a Syndicate agent in the face killing him 
  • Ethan shoots 2 Syndicate agents 
  • Ilsa stabs Vinter

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