Naraku's incarnations are demons created from parts of Naraku in the anime Inuyasha, acting as separate entities who either serve him or betray him, whether for the protagonists or for their own greed for power. Two of them, Muso and the Infant, are created from Naraku's/Onigumo's heart.

  1. Goshinki - Destroyed by Inuyasha with his claws. His head was temporarily/partially revived by Sesshomaru with Tenseiga.
  2. Kageromaru - Destroyed by Inuyasha with Wind Scar
  3. Juromaru - Destroyed by Inuyasha with Wind Scar
  4. Muso - Absorbed by Naraku
  5. Hakudoshi - Absorbed by Miroku with Wind Tunnel
  6. Kagura - Impaled by Naraku with his tentacles, poisoning her with miasma
  7. The Infant - Absorbed offscreen by Naraku
  8. Kanna - Destroyed when Naraku crushed her heart
  9. Byakuya - Sucked into hell by Inuyasha with Meido Zangetsuha

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