List of deaths in the critically acclaimed western thriller No Country for Old Men.


  • Harold Bell - Died before the events of the film.
  • Sheriff Lamar - Strangled by Chigurh using police handcuffs.
  • Guard Dog - Shot by Moss with a hunting rifle.
  • Rival Mexican Gang Members - Shot by Chigurh with a captive bolt pistol.
  • Carson Wells - Shot by Chigurh with a captive bolt pistol.
  • Llewelyn Moss - Shot by Mexican Gangsters.
  • Mexican Drug Lord - Shot in the neck by Chigurh.
  • Agnes Kracik - Died of cancer.
  • Carla Jean Moss - Presumably killed by Chigurh in her own home.
  • Anton Chigurh - Possibly died of injuries sustained in a car accident.

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