This page is dedicated to all the characters who have died in the show Once Upon a Time, it's spin-off series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and it's various other material.

Once Upon a Time Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Rocinante - Heart ripped out and used to enact the Dark Curse.
  • Valet - Heart ripped out and used to enact the Dark Curse.
  • Bridge Troll - Thrown off a bridge to his death.
  • Bridge Troll - Stepped on and killed after being transformed into a cockroach.
  • Cinderella's Fairy Godmother - Killed in a magic explosion for her wand.
  • Prince James - Stabbed in the back.
  • Behemoth - Stabbed in the chest with a sword.
  • King George's Knights (2) - Burned alive after failing to slay the beast.
  • A Dragon - Beheaded as a favor to King Midas.
  • Bartholomew - Stabbed in the neck with a dagger.
  • Sheriff Graham - Heart crushed to preserve the curse.
  • Zoso - Stabbed in the heart with his own dagger (was later resurrected).
  • Hordor - Neck snapped after being tormented by insults he once used.
  • Duke's Knights (5) - Stabbed with the dagger.
  • Blind Witch - Burned alive after being locked in her oven.
  • Stealthy - Shot with an arrow to stop him from escaping King George's castle.
  • King Leopold - Succumbed to being bitten in the neck by an Agrabahn Viper put in his bed by the Genie.
  • Gaston - Cut in half and killed (unknowingly) by Belle, after being turned into a rose by Rumplestiltskin.
  • Siren - Stabbed in the stomach with a dagger.
  • 12+ Sheep - Ripped apart while in wolf form.
  • 4+ Villagers - Ripped apart while in wolf form.
  • Peter - Ripped apart while in wolf form.
  • Daniel - Heart crushed to make her daughter become Queen (was later resurrected).
  • Donkey Driver - Stepped on and killed after being turned into a snail.
  • Honora - Killed as punishment for seeing the dagger.
  • Maleficent - Stabbed in the heart with a sword in order to retrieve a potion from within her (was later resurrected).

Season 2 Edit

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Edit

  • Wonderland Peasants (10+) - Immobilized and turned to dust to motivate the Red Queen.
  • Bandersnatches - Stabbed in the chest with a sword and subsequently caused mate's death.
  • Grendel - Stabbed in the chest with Jafar's serpent staff.
  • Akil - Poisoned to see if Jafar is worthy of being "reborn".
  • Gerard - Killed to obtain another of the three genie bottles.
  • Orang - Pushed to his death to escape Jafar's Tower.
  • Ulima - Killed by an unknown illness.
  • A Dragon - Killed to protect her father.
  • Mirza - Killed to exact vengeance on the Sultan.
  • Guard - Beheaded by Jafar's serpent staff to make a new body for Tweedledee.
  • Jabberwocky Guard - Neck snapped to infiltrate the Jabberwocky's tower prison.
  • Lizard - Killed by her wish to make Will feel something for her.
  • Villager - Killed to obtain information about the location of Will.
  • Anastasia - Stabbed to death after Will regains his heart (was later resurrected).
  • Sultan - Drowned to understand his son's pain.
  • Undead Warriors (13+) - Stabbed with their own weapons.
  • Sentry - Asphyxiated for failing to apprehend Cyrus.
  • Amara - Killed to stop her from reaching the Well of Wonders.
  • Red Queen - Killed when the Spell of the Three Genies is reversed (was later resurrected).

Comics Edit

  • Minister's guards (2) - Shot in the head with arrows.
  • Minister's guard - Bisected with a sword.
  • 2 Men + 1 Woman + 1 Child - Ripped apart by the Pack.
  • King Midas' guards (3) - Ripped apart by the Pack.
  • Adair - Burned alive with magic.
  • Liam Jones - Burned to death.
  • William - Struck with a fatal blow to defend herself.
  • Priscilla - Shot in the back with an arrow.

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