This article contains a list of victims from the Predator series.

Predator Edit

  • The pilot found dead inside the cockpit, killed by the guerillas
  • Jim Hopper and 3 other American soldiers shown skinned, killed by the Predator
  • Russian Advisor shoots a hostage
  • Billy breaks 1 guerilla’s neck
  • Mac stabs 1 guerilla in the throat
  • Blain stabs 1 guerilla
  • Dutch sets a C4 charge on a truck and then sends it into a hut, blowing up the 9 guerillas inside
  • Dutch blows up 7 guerillas with a grenade
  • Dutch blows up 1 guerilla with his grenade launcher
  • 2 additional guerillas shown set on fire by Dutch’s explosion
  • Poncho blows up 1 guerilla with a grenade launcher
  • Dutch shoots 2 guerillas
  • 2 guerillas killed by explosive concussion
  • Poncho blows up 3 guerillas with his grenade launcher
  • Blain mows down 2 guerillas with a minigun
  • Dillon shoots 1 guerilla on fire
  • Dutch and Dillon both shoot 2 guerillas
  • Mac shoots 1 guerilla
  • Dillon shoots 2 guerillas
  • Dillon shoots 2 guerillas in a helicopter and Dutch blows them up with his grenade launcher
  • Poncho and Hawkins both shoot 2 guerillas
  • Poncho blows up 2 guerillas with his grenade launcher and sends them flying into the water
  • 2 guerillas shot by unidentified team members
  • 1 dead guerilla shown lying on the ground
  • Dutch shoots 4 guerillas
  • Blain blows up 1 guerilla using his minigun and sends him flying to the ground
  • Billy blows up 3 guerillas with a grenade
  • Billy sets 1 guerilla on fire
  • Billy shoots 1 guerilla
  • Dutch shoots 1 guerilla
  • Blain mows down 3 guerillas
  • 1 dead guerilla seen laying on flower bags
  • Dutch shoots 1 guerilla
  • Dutch throws a knife into 1 guerilla
  • Dutch shoots the Russian advisor and causes him to fall into the jungle
  • Dutch shoots 1 guerilla
  • 4 dead guerillas shown lying near water
  • Poncho blows up 1 dug in guerilla with his grenade launcher
  • Predator cuts up Hawkins
  • Predator fires a harpoon at Blain and blows a hole through his chest
  • Predator blows a hole through Mac’s head
  • Predator fires and rips off Dillon's arm then impales him
  • Predator kills Billy offscreen (we hear him scream)
  • Predator shoots Poncho
  • Predator blows himself up

Predator 2 Edit

  • 1 dead cop is seen lying in the street
  • El Scorpio and 1 of his gang members machine gun 1 cop
  • Scorpios shoot 1 cop
  • El Scorpio blows up a cop car with a grenade launcher, killing 2 SWAT officers nearby
  • El Scorpio machine guns 1 cop
  • 1 dead cop is seen getting put into an ambulence
  • Leona shoots 1 Scorpio
  • Scorpios machine gun 1 cop
  • Harrigan blasts 4 Scorpios in a row with a shotgun
  • El Scorpio machine guns 1 cop in the building corridor
  • El Scorpio fires wildly at the Predator; Harrigan shoots him multiple times and he falls off the roof to his death
  • 5 Scorpios are seen cut to pieces, courtesy of the Predator
  • Gold Tooth’s thugs execute 2 of Vega’s security guards
  • Gold Tooth kills Ramon Vega
  • The Predator shoots 1 Jamaican through the chest with his shoulder cannon
  • The Predator shoots a net at 1 Jamaican and it pins him to the wall and his friends mow him down (shared)
  • The Predator shoots a claw at a Jamaican’s head
  • The Predator kills 1 Jamaican with his wrist blades
  • The Predator kills 1 Jamaican with a spear
  • The Predator kills Gold Tooth
  • The Predator kills Danny
  • The Predator kills King Willie
  • The Predator stabs 1 gangster with his wrist blades
  • The Predator breaks 1 gangster’s neck
  • The Predator kills 2 more gangsters
  • Cops accidentally shoot 1 civilian
  • The Predator kills the 2 cops and 1 civilian
  • The Predator kills Jerry
  • The Predator kills 3 mercenaries with a spear and wrist blades
  • The Predator shoots the last mercenary through the chest with his shoulder cannon
  • The Predator slices Keyes in half with his throwing disc
  • Harrigan kills The Predator with his own throwing disc

Predators Edit

  • Royce’s partner fails to open his chute and falls to his death
  • A soldier killed by the Bezerker Predator is seen
  • An alien-like Predator killed by Roland seen
  • Falconer Predator kills Chuchillo (Danny Trejo!) off-screen (his bloody body is shown)
  • Falconer Predator throws a spear into Mombasa
  • Bezerker Predator blows Noland apart
  • Nikolai activates a land mine, blowing himself up and the Tracker Predator
  • Bezerker Predator rips Stan’s spine out
  • Hanzo kills the Falconer Predator with a samurai sword
  • Hanzo dies from stab wounds inflicted by Falconer Predator
  • Bezerker Predator cuts the Classic Predator’s head off
  • Royce stabs Edwin in the jaw and then attaches grenades to him
  • Royce decapitates Bezerker Predator

Predator 4 Edit

Coming soon!

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