Resident Evil is a horror survival game

Resident Evil Edit

Albert Wesker - Barry Burton - Brad Vickers - Chris Redfield - E. Smith - Enrico Marini - Eric (Umbrella Employee) - Forest Speyer - Gail Holland - George Trevor - Jessica Trevor - Jill Valentine - Joseph Frost - Kenneth J. Sullivan - Kevin Dooley - Lisa Trevor - Martin Cluckholm - Rebecca Chambers - Richard Aiken - Scott - The Keeper

  • Joseph Frost:
  • Kenneth J. Sullivan
  • Forest Speyer:
Characters Cause(s) of death
Joseph Frost Killed by a pack of Cerberuses, by getting bitten in the throat and eaten.
Kenneth J. Sullivan Killed by a zombie, by getting his neck ripped out and then dying with blood in his lungs shortly after.
Forest Speyer Attacked

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