Sam Winchester is one of the two main characters of the live action TV series Supernatural, the other being his brother Dean. To date, Sam has been killed four times in the series, and has been resurrected from each of them.

  1. Stabbed in the back by Jake with a knife, cutting through his spine. He was brought back to life when Dean made a deal with a demon in exchange for his soul. (All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1)
  2. Struck by lightning when Hope wished for it using the wishing well, but when the man who made the first wish took the coin out, Sam came back to life. (Wishful Thinking)
  3. Stabbed by Anna, who wanted to avoid a battle between Michael and Lucifer (whose destined vessels were Sam and Dean). She planned to scatter his cells across the universe so the angels couldn't resurrect him, but Michael killed her and brought Sam back to life. (The Song Remains the Same)
  4. Shot twice by Walt with a shotgun as revenge for starting the apocalypse. Was later revived by Joshua, only this time, remembered his time in heaven (as the previous times the angels erased his memory). (Dark Side of the Moon)
  5. Temporarily killed by Billie as part of their deal. (First Blood)
  6. Throat torn out by a vampire. He was revived by Lucifer (Beat the Devil)

Sam has also fallen directly into hell to imprison Lucifer for eternity, but has been released from the cage by Castiel (who unintentionally left his soul inside, which was later retrieved by Death). This is not strictly considered a death, but rather falling into an imprisonment in another dimension.