'Sausage Party' may be the most death-filled animated film ever.

Shown DeathsEdit

  1. Bavarian Sausage - Thrown into a trash can by Darren.
  2. Sausages (including Bill) - Thrown into a trash can by Darren.
  3. Honey Mustard - Leaps off the cart, laughing, and shatters.
  4. Flour - Likely died when he fell off the cart, resulting in the fog effect.
  5. Marshmallow - Seen running around without a arm.
  6. Marshmallow seen with Banana - Died by a trauma
  7. Pan-T Cream Soda can - Leeking his "Blood" out in process.
  8. Chicken Noodle Soup - Cracked open, releasing "intestines"
  9. Banana - Face peeled off from the trauma of the crash.
  10. Jelly Jar - Shattered on the floor when she was knocked out of a cart.
  11. Cookie - His back falls off from the trauma of the crash.
  12. Grape - Crushed by a cart wheel.
  13. Pislitz Chips - Popped by the cart, releasing chips everywhere as if they were bullets.
  14. Marshmallows (x2) - Shredded with the potato chips.
  15. Chocolate Milk Carton - Sliced open with the potato chips, the milk bleeding out.
  16. Grapes (x2) - Hit with a potato chip, one sliced in half, one hit in the face.
  17. Juice Box - Drunk dry by Douche, who tore him in half.
  18. Tequilla - Smashed to pieces and drunk by Douche after failing him.
  19. Irish Potato - Skinned with a potato peeler and boiled in water by Camile Toh.
  20. Italian Tomato - Sliced in half by Camile Toh with a knife.
  21. Bacon (x4) - Tossed onto a frying pan by Camile Toh, with one's eye popping
  22. Lettuce - Eyes gouged out and then head torn in two, by Camile Toh.
  23. Bread - Sliced apart by Camile Toh.
  24. Chedd White and Blue - Grated by Camille Toh.
  25. Tortilla Chips - Microwaved by Camille Toh.
  26. Wine Bottle - Lobotomized by Camile Toh.
  27. Baby Carrots (x2) - Eaten by Camile Toh.
  28. Carl - Stabbed in the midsection, and then sliced in half by Camile Toh. His body twitched a little afterwards.
  29. Krinkler's Chips - Torn open and eaten by the Druggie.
  30. Vodka Bottle - Neck broken and drunk by Douche and shattered to pieces afterwards.
  31. Numerous Alcoholic Drinks (Including a Tomato Soup can) - Drunk by Douche.
  32. Druggie - Accidentally decapitated himself with a falling axe after he spilled boiling water.
  33. Pizza - Splattered against the wall by a Female Shopper.
  34. Sandwich - Eaten by Alex, legs-first.
  35. Ticklish Licorice - Torn open by a customer, with pieces of licorice still alive (with animal-level intellect)
  36. Watermelon - Smashed by Fit man.
  37. Cookie Duo - Stomped on by a customer.
  38. Pop Tart - Crushed by a employee. 
  39. Mentos Tube - Opened himself to deploy his individual Mentos inside.
  40. Diet Cola Bottle - Emptied his soda into the fat man's mouth to blow him up.
  41. Individual Mentos (x8) - Melted with the soda to blow up the fat man.
  42. Fat Guy - Face exploded after Mentos and Soda were shoved into him - Shoved in a freezer.
  43. Fit Man - Shoved in a freezer after being beaten down by Mexican products.
  44. Male Shopper - being chased by food items - Shoved in a freezer.
  45. Female Shopper - being attacked by cans - Shoved in a freezer.
  46. Male Shopper - being chased and then attacked by food items (including Pislitz Chips) behind Douche - Shoved in a freezer.
  47. Tomato Soup - Shot by Darren under Douche's control
  48. Ranch Dressing - Shot by Darren under Douche's control.
  49. Grape - Stomped by Darren under Douche's control.
  50. Darren - Blown up by Kareem Abdul Lavash and Sammy Bagel, with Douche inside him.
  51. Douche - Blown up by Kareem Abdul Lavash and Sammy Bagel, while inside Darren.
  52. Alex - Shoved in a freezer.
  53. Maria - Shoved in a freezer.
  54. Employee who crushed Pop Tart - Shoved in a freezer.

Seen in the CookbookEdit

  1. Cheeseburger - Eaten by a human, compromised of one patty (with the eye hanging out from its socket) and one bun. The lettuce leaf, tomato slice, and slice of cheese imply three more deaths
  2. Hamburger patty (x3) - Cooked on a grill to likely be inserted in the buns.
  3. Buns, Ketchup, and Mustard - Likely to have the patties placed inside them and eaten.
  4. Steak - Cut and eaten by a human
  5. Peas - Served to a human
  6. Potatoes - Served to a human, one has been cut into half. It implies another death by slices of carrot or some other root vegetable.
  7. Chicken leg - Eaten by a human
  8. Lemon (x2) -Were seen being sliced in half and then squeezed into lemonade by a human. In addition, there was also a ring of lemon, meaning a third lemon likely died to make it. Two more are shown cringing in fear, indicating two more deaths will happen soon.
  9. Brown sugar - Opened by a human and scooped out progressively.
  10. Hotdog and Bun - Eaten messily by a human.


  1. Juice carton - Shown in the dirty lot
  2. Yellow Beer Can - Shown in the dirty lot
  3. Apple - Shown in the dirty lot
  4. Toilet paper roll - Laying on the druggie's roll dispenser.

Deaths in Firewater's FlashbackEdit

  1. Cookie - Eaten by a human
  2. Cucumber - Sliced into pieces
  3. Milk - Drank by a human
  4. Beef - Ground by a human
  5. Steak - Fried on a large pan
  6. Corn - Being ground in human jaws.

Deaths from Leaked Script Not in Final FilmEdit

  1. Corn - Chosen
  2. Tea Bags - Chosen
  3. Olives - Chosen
  4. Sauerkraut - Chosen
  5. Madre Taco - Back snapped by El Guaco, and smashed onto the ground
  6. El Guaco - Douche stuck his hand into him and tore him apart.
  7. Dangles - Decapitated
  8. Bagel - In the cookbook, a bagel was shown dead, cut in half, and smothered in cream cheese (Food in the final film seems to be alive when it is eaten according to the cookbook)
  9. Toilet Paper - Shot and unraveled by Darren.
  10. Lavash - Stuffed himself down the mouth of a rabbi, due to being covered in mold.
  11. Rabbi - Poisoned by Lavash shoving himself down his throat
  12. Woman - Thrown into a rotisseire chicken cooker and impaled on a pole


  1. Foods Camille Toh bought - Half possibly killed and half possibly locked in the freezer.
  2. Troy - Either killed or locked in the freezer.
  3. Peanut Butter - Thrown into a trash can off-screen.
  4. Pizza's Family - Druggie ate them off-screen.
  5. Gary - Likely shoved in a freezer.
  6. Female Shopper who choked Frank - Shoved in a freezer
  7. Customer who torn open Ticklish Licorice - Shoved in a freezer.
  8. Female Shopper who splattered the pizza against the wall - Shoved in a freezer.