List of deaths in the 1983 gangster film, Scarface.


  • Emilio Rebenga- Stabbed in the stomach by Tony Montana, under Lopez's' command.
  • Angel Fernández- Dismembered by Hector with a chainsaw.
  • Marta- Shot in the chest by Manny with a machine gun.
  • Hector- Shot in the head by Tony.
  • Omar Suarez- Hanged by Sosa's henchmen.
  • Octavio the Clown- Shot by Lopez's' hitmen.
  • Frank Lopez- Shot in the chest by Manny in order for Tony to take over his empire.
  • Mel Bernstein- Shot in the chest by Tony after threatening to arrest him.
  • Alberto- Shot in the head by Tony after attempting to kill innocent children and woman.
  • Manny Ribera- Shot twice in the chest by Tony after he found out he was having sex with his sister Gina.
  • Ernie- Garrotted by Sosa's henchmen.
  • Gina Montanna- Shot in the abdomen by Sosa's' henchmen.
  • Nick the Pig- Shot in the head by Sosa's henchmen.
  • Chi-Chi- Shot by Sosa's' henchmen.
  • Most of Sosa's' Henchmen- Shot by Tony with an assault riffle.
  • Tony Montana- Shot in the back by Sosa's henchmen. His body fell into a large fountain below him.

(Note: Tony started off as the films Main Protagonist, but ended up becoming an Antagonist.)

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