Scream is a Netflix original TV series based off the horror films.

Warning: Contains spoilers as to the identity of the killers. Some of the Season 1 victims were killed by Season 2's Ghostface.

Season 1Edit

  • Tyler O'Neill - Decapitated offscreen by Piper
  • Nina Patterson - Slashed by Piper with a knife
  • Rachel Murray - Hanged by Kieran over the edge of a balcony. (Piper was with Audrey at the time)
  • Riley Marra - Slashed in the leg by Piper, causing her to bleed to death
  • Will Belmont - Head chopped vertically in two by Piper with a chainsaw-like device, triggered by Emma running onto a tripwire
  • Sheriff Clark Hudson - Sliced open by Kieran, who set it so that when Maggie untied him, it caused his guts to spill out
  • Grayson - Throat slit offscreen by Piper
  • Piper Shaw - Shot in the head by Emma

Season 2Edit

  • Jake Fitzgerald - Gutted by Kieran with a scythe
  • Eddie Hayes - Stabbed repeatedly by Kieran with a corkscrew
  • Seth Branson - Killed when Kieran burned down the house he was inside, after stabbing him nonfatally
  • Deputy Dwayne - Thrown through a mirror by Kieran
  • Hayley Myers - Stabbed repeatedly by Kieran
  • Zoe Vaughn - Locked in a box by Kieran who placed it in the water, and drowned
  • Mayor Quinn Maddox - Stabbed by Kieran with a pitchfork
  • Deputy Stevens - Stabbed repeatedly by Kieran with a knife
  • Eli Hudson - Shot by Kieran
  • Unnamed guard - Head twisted around by an unknown killer (A 3rd Ghostface)
  • Kieran Wilcox - Throat slit then stabbed in the back of the neck by an unknown killer (a third Ghostface) with a knife.
  • Alex Whitten - Killed offscreen by Tom
  • Sid - Stabbed by Tom with garden shears
  • Billie Fields - Sliced open by Tom with shears
  • Sheriff - Decapitated by Tom with shears
  • Jeremy Blair - Stabbed twice by Tom with shears
  • Tom Martin - Knocked off a balcony by Emma