Scream concerns a series of slasher movies that involve the killer Ghostface.

Scream Edit

The killers or 'Ghostface' in this specific movie are Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. Their plan was to kill Sidney and frame her father, whom they have taken hostage, for their murder spree. The pair also reveal that they murdered her mother, Maureen, as she was having an affair with Billy's father, which drove his mother away.

  • Ghostface kills Steve Orth
  • Ghostface kills Casey Becker
  • Principal Himbry is impaled
  • Tatem Riley has her head crushed by the garage door
  • Ghostface slashes Kenny's neck
  • Billy Loomis shoots Randy Meeks
  • Billy and Stu Macher confess to killing Maureen Prescott
  • Sidney Prescott kills Stu
  • Sidney Prescott shoots Billy in his head

Scream 2 Edit

The killers in this particular case are Mickey and Debbie Salt/ Mrs Loomis. The former was looking to become famous in the ensuing trial and media spectacle while the latter was attempting to exact revenge on behalf of Billy Loomis.

  • Ghostface impales Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens
  • Ghostface kills Cici (whose real name is Casey)
  • Ghostface stabs Randy
  • Ghostface ambushes and kills two cops
  • Ghostface stabs Hallie
  • Ghostface shoots Derek
  • Mrs Loomis, Sidney and Gale shoot Mickey
  • Sidney shoots Mrs Loomis in her head

Scream 3 Edit

In Scream 3, the culprit is Roman Bridger, who is apparently Sidney's half-brother, born to their mother Maureen Prescott when she was an actress in Hollywood. Years ago, he had unsuccessfully tried reuniting with her. Bitter over the rejection, Roman would film all the men she philandered with. He showed Billy Loomis the footage of his father with Maureen, which motivated him to kill her (thus setting off the events of the previous movies). However, when he discovered how much fame Sidney got because of those events, Roman snapped and lured Sidney out of hiding.

  • Ghostface kills Cotton Weary and his girlfriend Christine
  • Ghostface kills Sarah Darling
  • Ghostface kills Steven Stone and using a gas leak, Tom Prinze as well
  • Angelina Tyler is killed
  • Ghostface throws Tyson Fox over a balcony
  • Ghostface kills Jennifer Jolie
  • Roman Bridger kills John Milton
  • Sidney impales Roman, who Dewey shoots dead

Scream 4 Edit

For this movie, 'Ghostface' turns out to be Jill and Charlie, who explain that they committed the murders as a part of a remake of the first murders. Jill further reveals that she did it out of anger and jealousy of Sidney's fame and she wants the attention Sidney got for surviving the past killings. They also admit that they intend to frame Trevor as Ghostface.

  • Ghostface kills Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper
  • Ghostface kills Olivia Morris
  • Ghostface kills Rebecca Walters
  • Policemen assigned to watch a house are killed
  • Ghostface impales Kate
  • Ghostface stabs Robbie Mercer
  • Jill shoots Trevor Sheldon
  • Jill stabs Charlie Walker
  • Sidney electrocutes Jill then shoots her

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