Shanghai Noon Edit

  • Chon Wang's Uncle - Shot by Wallace.
  • Calvin Andrews - Strangled by Lo Fong.
  • Nathan Van Cleef - Shot in the chest by Roy O'Bannon.
  • Lo Fong - Bell rope thrown around the neck by Chon Wang, and dismantling the bell and causing it to fall, then the counterweight drags him into the air and hangs him to death.

Shanghai Knights Edit

  • Chon Wang's Father - Stabbed in the stomach by Lord Nelson Rathbone with Wu Choy's dagger.
  • Wu Chow - Blasted by Chon Lin with a fireworks rocket into the air with a firework, then obliterated.
  • Lord Nelson Rathbone - Ropes cut by Chon Wang holding up platform, and sent both flying through the clock face, then fell to his death while Chon Wang is saved by Roy O'Bannon.

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