This page contains a list of deaths in the Silent Hill games.

Comparisons have been made between Silent Hill and its competitor, Resident Evil. While the former is stealth-centric and relies more on evasion than confrontation, the latter is more centered around combat and gunplay.

Note: Because every game has their own set of endings, none of them are considered canon. It is thus possible to complete each game killing a different character. For the sake of simplicity, this article will list all the victims that are killed in each game's ending.

Silent Hill (game) Edit

  • Police officer Cybil Bennett: Possibly killed by parasite if the player elects not to rescue her.
  • Dahlia Gillespie: Electrocuted or immolated by Alessa's demon form.
  • Alessa Gillespie: Defeated by Harry Mason.

Good ending

Good+ ending

Bad ending

Bad+ ending

UFO ending

Silent Hill 2 Edit

  • Maria: Slain by Pyramid Head
  • Angela Orosco's father: Killed by Angela in self-defense
  • Dog: Eddie admits to bullying and killing one
  • Eddie: Killed by James in self-defense
  • Pyramid Heads: Kill each other

Water ending Edit

  • James: Drives off a cliff

Maria ending Edit

  • Mary: Killed by James

Rebirth ending Edit

  • Mary: Killed by James

Dog ending Edit

UFO ending Edit

Silent Hill 3 Edit

  • Heather's father: Killed by a monster on the behest of Claudia Wolf
  • Leonard Wolf: Defeated in gameplay
  • Vincent: Killed by Claudia
  • Claudia Wolf: Dies while birthing 'God'
  • God: Defeated in gameplay

Normal ending Edit

Possessed ending Edit

  • Douglas: Killed by Heather

Revenge ending Edit

  • Unconfirmed amount of deaths when UFOs destroy Silent Hill

Silent Hill 4 Edit

  • Cynthia Velázquez: Killed by an unidentified man
  • Jasper Gein: One of Walter Sullivan's victims
  • Andrew DeSalvo: One of Walter Sullivan's victims
  • Richard Braintree: One of Walter Sullivan's victims

21 Sacraments ending Edit

  • Henry Townshend: Killed
  • Eileen: Killed
  • Frank Sunderland: Killed
  • Unconfirmed number of other deaths

Eileen's death ending Edit

  • Eileen: Killed

Escape ending Edit

Mother ending Edit

Silent Hill Origins Edit

  • Butcher: Killed in gameplay
  • Travis's father: Kills himself
  • Demon within the Flauros: Defeated in gameplay

Good ending Edit

Bad ending Edit

  • Two people killed by Travis

UFO ending Edit

Silent Hill Homecoming Edit

  • Mayor Bartlett and Dr. Fitch: Killed by monsters
  • Alex's mother: Killed
  • Alex's father: Killed by Pyramid Head/ Bogeyman
  • Margaret Holloway: Alex impales her mouth with a drill
  • Deputy Wheeler: Can be saved or killed
  • Joshua Shepherd: Drowned by Alex (unintentional death)

Silent Hill Downpour Edit

  • Anne: Falls into a pit
  • Eight children: Killed by Sater
  • JP Sater: Jumps to his demise
  • Kid: Neck snapped by Bogeyman
  • Charlie: Apparently abused and killed by Patrick Napier
  • Bogeyman: Killed in gameplay
  • Wheelman: Killed in gameplay
  • Frank Coleridge: Killed

Reversal ending Edit

  • Murphy Pendleton: Killed by Anne

Full circle ending Edit

  • Murphy Pendleton: Commits suicide
  • Coleridge: Killed by Murphy

Forgiveness ending Edit

  • Murphy Pendleton

Truth and Justice ending Edit

  • Murphy Pendleton

Execution ending Edit

  • Coleridge: Killed by Murphy

Joke ending Edit

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