Soul Eater is an anime about meisters and weapons at an academy run by Death who kill evil demons called Kishin and take their souls to become more powerful. The protagonists are Maka and her weapon Soul (scythe), Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki (chain scythe), and Death the Kid and his two weapons Liz and Patty (pistols). The most powerful and evil opponents they face are the snakelike witch Medusa, the spiderlike witch Arachne, and the legendary Kishin Asura who is the source of all madness.

  • White Star - Sent falling off a cliff by Mifune (shown in flashback)
  • Jack the Ripper - Slashed by Maka with Soul, who eats his soul
  • Al Capone - Killed offscreen by Mifune
  • Samantha - Killed by the Pharaoh, who eats her soul.
  • Pharaoh - Destroyed by Kid shooting him repeatedly with Liz and Patty.
  • Sid - Stabbed in the head offscreen with a Statue of Liberty figure by an unknown killer. Was raised as a zombie by Stein.
  • Sanson J - Slashed by Maka with Soul, who eats his soul.
  • Masamune - Killed by Tsubaki, possibly by chopping him in half or her making him realize she cared for him. She absorbs his soul.
  • Mizune elder - Torn apart by snakes Medusa put inside her.
  • Fisher King - Knife thrown at his head by Sid.
  • Clowns - Both destroyed by Kid by shooting them in the mouths with Death Cannon.
  • Medusa - Slashed by Maka with Genie Hunter, driving her out of Rachel and destroying her without harming Rachel. (Although the appearance of her snake in the credits of the final episode leads some to believe she survived by transferring her soul into the snake as she did during her fight with Stein, there is nothing to suggest her soul was inside the snake this time and she said she wouldn't survive if she attempted it again, only surviving it before because of the madness waves from Asura awakening).
  • Arachne - Impaled by Asura with his hand. He eats her soul.
  • Demon - Eaten by Soul.
  • Asura - Soul rendered unstable by Maka showing bravery in his presence, then destroyed when she punches him in the face.

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