This article contains a list of victims from the Species movies.

Species Edit

  • Train attendant killed by Sil.
  • Sil impales a man who insists on mating with her.
  • John Carey strangled and drowned.
  • Kidnapped woman killed in a car crash to fake Sil's death.
  • Dr Stephen Arden killed by Sil after having sex with her.
  • Xavier Fitch killed in the sewers.
  • Dan Smithson incinerates Sil's offspring
  • Press Lennox fires a grenade (or is it a shotgun?) at Sil's head and she falls into a flaming pit.

Species 2 Edit

  • Alien-infected Patrick Ross has sex with a debutante and her sister, killing both when their stomachs are ripped apart by the rapidly growing infants.
  • Dr. Orinsky impaled by Patrick Ross before the former can contact anybody, in order to hide the discovery that the latter is half-alien.
  • Anne Sampas and Harry Sampas killed by alien-human creature while having sex.
  • Patrick attempts to ward off his girlfriend Melissa but has sex with her unintentionally and she is killed by the alien infant.
  • Patrick blasts his head off with a shotgun. Resurrected.
  • Unknown number of ladies die when giving birth to Patrick's offspring.
  • Judson Ross impaled by his son.
  • Patrick's kids killed with a spray made from Dennis Gamble's blood (the latter carried sickle cell anemia, which the aliens have a weakness against)
  • Press throws a pitchfork with Gamble's blood at Patrick, causing the latter to disintegrate.

Species 3 Edit

  • One of Patrick's surviving breed strangles the ambulance co-driver.
  • Eve strangled by above survivor.
  • Half-breed dies and decays.
  • Nicholas Turner tries to rape Sara but is impaled
  • Abbot sprays hydrochloric gas on the lab and kills a half-breed but also dies himself
  • Gas attendant rapes Amelia and is killed
  • Amelia throw into the plant's core.

Species: the Awakening Edit

  • Miranda's parents killed in a car crash.
  • When Miranda arrives at the hospital, she silently transforms into alien form, strips naked and seduces and kills a few people.
  • Forbes supports his experiment by creating half-alien facsimiles of dead pets and relatives.
  • Miranda seduces the innkeeper but kills him mid-process upon finding he is sterile.
  • Miranda has sex with Forbes and changes into alien form, then sends her tongue down Forbes' throat, suffocating him.
  • Miranda attacks and kills Azura, then succumbs to her wounds.