Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an animated six season TV show taking place in between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Since a few episodes of the show are not in chronological order of terms of release, this list might not make perfect sense. Enjoy!

Season I Edit

Ambush Edit

  • Commander 224 - Cut to pieces by Yoda.

Shadow of Malevolence Edit

  • R2-J8 - Decapitated by a neebray.
  • Matchstick/Shadow Two - Collided with Tag in his starfighter due to engine damage from an encounter with a neebray.
  • Tag/Shadow Five - Collided with Matchstick.
  • R2-Y9 - Destroyed in Tag's starfighter when he collided with Matchstick.

Destroy Malevolence Edit

  • CT-327 - Electrocuted to death by commando droids.
  • Nub - Shot by commando droids.
  • CT-00-2010/Droidbait - Shot by commando droids.
  • CT-19-7409/O'Niner - Shot in the face by the commando droid captain.
  • CT-4040/Cutup - Carried away and eaten by a Rishi Eel.
  • Unit 26 - Shot in the head by Rex.
  • Unit 07 - Shot by Rex.
  • Unit 09 - Shot by Cody.
  • Unit 08 - Shot by Echo.
  • Unit 06 - Shot by Fives.
  • CT-782/Hevy - Sacrificed himself to manually detonate the bombs that destroyed the Rishi outpost.

Duel of the Droids Edit

  • Gha Nachkt - Stabbed in the stomach by Grievous.
  • R3-S6 - Knocked off of Skytop by Artoo and fell to his destruction on the moon of Ruusan below.

Cloak of Darkness Edit

  • Green Leader - Shot by a super battle droid.
  • Faro Argyus - Stabbed in the heart by Ventress.

Lair of Grievous Edit

  • Bel - Blown up in his shuttle by a MagnaGuard.
  • Niner - Blown up along with Bel.
  • CC-3714/Fil - Smashed against the ground by Gor.
  • Gor - Tail sliced off by Nahdar, then dismembered and stabbed in the throat by Kit.
  • EV-A4-D/Doctor - Decapitated by Kit.
  • Nahdar Vebb - Shot in the gut by Grievous.

The Gungan General Edit

  • Mack - Killed in the shuttle crash.
  • Senator Kharrus - Killed in the shuttle crash after Barb Mentir shot down the Republic shuttle.
  • Cell Guard - Strangled by Dooku with his handcuffs.
  • Barb Mentir - Shot in the chest by Falso, who was under Dooku's control.
  • Turk Falso - Force-choked by Dooku.

Jedi Crash Edit

  • Cameron - Killed by a mastiff phalone.
  • Flash - Killed by a mastiff phalone.
  • Lucky - Killed by a mastiff phalone.

Defenders of Peace Edit

  • 4724 - Stabbed by Anakin.

Trespass Edit

  • 685 - Smashed by a Talz.
  • Chi Cho - Stabbed by a Talz.

The Hidden Enemy Edit

  • TJ-55 - Head torn off by Gus.

Mystery of a Thousand Moons Edit

  • LEP-86C8 - Detonated the Blue Shadow Virus bomb and was destroyed in the resulting explosion.
  • Taquito - Killed when his starfighter was destroyed by the Separatist laser grid.

Storm Over Ryloth Edit

  • Slammer - Killed when his starfighter was destroyed by vulture droids.
  • Tucker - Killed when his starfighter was destroyed by vulture droids.
  • Axe - Killed when his starfighter was destroyed by vulture droids.
  • TX-20 - Torn to pieces by his prisoners.

Hostage Crisis Edit

  • Captain Jayfon - Neck broken by Bane.
  • D-0T - Shot by 3E.
  • R5-S9 - Shot by an IG-86.
  • Senator Philo - Shot in the back by Bane.

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